Amy Saxton This past year was exciting on several fronts: We launched our group mentoring pilot innovation thanks to a grant from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation; we enrolled more young men of color and served more students than ever; we developed our foundation for greater program growth; and we began to raise the profile of Summer Search...


We measure success by our ability to support young people to reach their full promise in life and to create enduring change for all of us.

Enrolling More Young Men of Color

We increased our enrollment of male students to 44%—a 29% increase since 2011. We attribute this increase to enhancements made to our outreach strategy, such as revising expectations with referral partners, modifying our messaging, conducting all-male orientation sessions, and providing more support during the application process.

Piloting Group Mentoring

Supported by a generous grant from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, we launched our first innovation pilot: group mentoring in San Francisco and Boston. This exciting opportunity will help us determine if stronger student impact per dollar can be achieved by delivering a hybrid approach to mentoring that includes both 1:1 time with mentors and group sessions with peers.

Building a College-going pipeline

Our students are making tremendous strides—99% of our seniors graduated from high school, 93% matriculated to college, and 72% earned a four-year college degree.

Serving More Students

We served 3,200 high school and college Summer Searchers, and we have nearly 2,000 alumni. The 10% year-over-year growth in our number of students was supported by more than $18M in contributions (up from $16M in 2013).


We garnered positive media attention and recognition in 2014, which helped us to strengthen our brand and expand our thought leadership.

Raising our Profile

In the spring of 2014, Summer Search selected 270 Strategies, a grassroots communications agency, as the organization’s first PR partner. 270 Strategies is focused on helping Summer Search raise its public profile, build its thought leadership platforms, and seek opportunities for the national office and regional offices to secure press coverage.

Summer Search secured press coverage in a number of high-profile print and broadcast outlets throughout 2014.

Engaging with the field

We aspire to learn from and influence the youth development field in order to collectively serve more young people. In collaboration with Philadelphia Academies, we convened a hands-on Design Lab with leaders across sectors—representing corporations, nonprofits, and academia—to examine how grit and resiliency can be replicated so that more young people can thrive. We also began discussions with the White House to identify opportunities to partner in their vision to expand college opportunities for many more low-income students through the College Opportunity, Reach Higher, and My Brother’s Keeper initiatives.

Creating new Giving Channels

Becoming More Sustainable

We are grateful that many supporters are making multi-year financial commitments to Summer Search to help us align our financial resources with the multi-year investment we make in our students. As a result of the vision and generosity of this group, we closed FY14 with more than $3 million in new multi-year commitments—which provides us with the ability to be both ambitious and sustainable in taking on the next class of Summer Searchers.

Paying It Forward

Summer Search launched the Alumni Donor Society, a community of alumni donors who make gifts of $500 or more each year. The benefits of membership include invitations to special events and engagement with Summer Search senior leadership and national and regional boards of directors. We celebrate and thank the alumni who have joined this society and their commitment to supporting future generations of college-educated leaders.

Stewarding More Donors

Over the last year, the Annual Giving program has created engaging communications and more opportunities for donors at every level to financially support Summer Search. Since its launch just over a year ago, the program has raised over $200,000 in unrestricted revenue. Looking ahead, the Annual Giving program aims to increase revenue and retention rates amongst this important and growing segment of our supporters.

Telling our Story

Storytelling Through Micro-Documentaries

We partnered with filmmakers at Micro-Documentaries, a video production company, to create authentic, actionable, and affordable short films about Summer Search’s work. Known as “micro-documentaries,” each video packs a lot of storytelling into just two minutes. Two videos in the series focus on Summer Search alumni who are the embodiment of our vision for the future: college-educated leaders who have become role models for their families and communities.

Sharing more news & Highlights

In an effort to keep our supporters informed about news and activities from across the organization we launched the Summer Search e-Newsletter. Distributed three times a year, each edition features organizational highlights and links to site-specific news, as well as alumni, donor, and staff spotlights, and inspiring stories from the field to keep our stakeholders up to date on the latest and greatest happenings across the Summer Search Network.

Refreshing our Website

We made a significant investment of resources and time in refreshing our website so that we can effectively communicate the work we do and its impact. The new site has a contemporary layout and navigation, as well as a look and feel that reflects our brand and focuses more on the faces and stories of our students and alumni. These changes make our website a powerful marketing and fundraising tool that will enable us to participate more fully in the ever-growing online giving market.

Systems & Tools

As a learning organization, we are constantly measuring for impact, innovating, and looking for ways to improve.

Deepening our Evaluation Effort

In partnership with Equal Measure (formerly OMG Center for Collaborative Learning), an independent nonprofit evaluation and philanthropic services firm, we refreshed our Theory of Change to link it to evidence-based research. This work was made possible by support from the Gap Foundation and provides us with a more robust foundation for our evaluation efforts.

Validating Our Approach

Now that we have a refreshed our Theory of Change, our evaluation work has kicked into high gear. We are building an enhanced set of data collection tools to better capture the interim changes we see in students in four areas: self, academics, relationships, and social responsibility. The collection of this data will help validate our work externally while also identifying opportunities for future innovations and enhancements.

Enhancing our Data-Informed Culture

In 2014, we also developed a set of program performance metrics to help us understand our progress toward goals we’ve set for student outcomes. These performance metrics are aligned with those used by peer organizations in the college success sector.


We build the capacity in our staff to best serve the young people we are committed to empowering.

Winning Recognition

For the second year in a row, Summer Search was named one of the “50 Best Nonprofits to Work For” by The NonProfit Times! Created in 2010 to identify, recognize, and honor the best places of employment in the nonprofit industry, The NonProfit Times conducts a nationwide survey with staff at nonprofit organizations—with topics ranging from employee satisfaction and work environment to training and development, pay, and benefits. Summer Search debuted on the list in 2013, ranking 38 out of 50 of the best nonprofits to work for in the U.S.

Setting Smart Goals

In 2014, PwC donated 260 pro bono hours to strengthen Summer Search’s National Performance Management System. Thanks to PwC’s support and expertise, Summer Search now has a more comprehensive approach to setting job competencies, tracking and managing performance metrics, and developing strong leaders.

Focusing on Diversity & Inclusion

To ensure that Summer Search remains a thoughtful and equitable organization, and in support of our goal to serve more young men of color, we partnered with a consulting firm, Cook Ross, to conduct diversity and inclusion training with all Summer Search staff. The workshops centered on culture awareness and competency building, as well as unconscious bias training exercises.


We rely on our institutional partners to support our mission and help us scale our efforts to reach more students.

Partnering with PwC

Since 2012, PwC has collaborated with Summer Search in our shared efforts to support the next generation of community leaders, having invested more than $130,000 in financial support. In addition, PwC employees provide meaningful volunteer support as regional board members, event hosts, and leadership committee members.

Coaching for College Success

Last year, more than 25 PwC employees served as career coaches with Summer Search. Each career coach works one to one with a college student to help them build the skills to be a successful, first-generation professional. As a corporate partner, PwC also provides internships for Summer Search students to develop their workplace skills, build their professional network, and explore career options. One such Summer Searcher, Joe Munayer, recently accepted a full-time position with PwC following his summer internship.


We strive to operate in a lean manner to achieve our ambitious program goals while investing in infrastructure for growth.

Statement of Activities




    Individual $10,108,832 $9,174,114
    Foundation $3,696,979 $3,709,986
    Corporation $1,968,210 $1,342,077
Total Contributions $15,774,021 $14,226,177
Contributed Goods and Services $2,259,663 $1,886,014
Investment Income $604,616 $685,035
Other Income (Losses) ($87,420) ($31,496)
Total revenue, gains and other support $18,550,880 $16,765,730


Program Services    
Summer Program [Placement] $5,281,479 $5,081,929
Mentoring $5,255,878 $4,573,657
Staff Training and Development $1,599,884 $1,247,948
College and Alumni $1,207,390 $1,282,993
Total Program Services $13,344,631 $12,186,527
Supporting Services    
Fundraising $3,175,893 $2,639,436
Management and General $2,542,310 $1,749,818
Total Supporting Services $5,718,203 $4,389,254
Total Expenses $19,062,834 $16,575,781


Change in Unrestricted Net Assets ($392,355) $1,024
Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets ($189,599) $188,925
Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets $70,000 $0
Unrestricted Net Assets at Beginning of Year $6,168,290 $6,167,266
Temporarily Restricted Net Assets at Beginning of Year $5,325,708 $5,136,783
Permanently Restricted Net Assets at Beginning of Year $60,000 $60,000
Net Assets at End of Year $11,042,044 $11,553,998

Boards & Staff

National Board

Ted Williams, CHAIR
Sara Allan



Boston Board


New York City Board


North San Francisco Bay Board


Philadelphia Board


San Francisco Board


Seattle Board

Tonya Henry

Silicon Valley Board


National & Regional Staff

Amy H. Saxton

Chief Executive Officer

Emily Edwards

Deputy Chief Development Officer

Kevin Gay

Chief Financial Officer

Dana Hagenbuch

National Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

Lindsay Hower

Executive Director, San Francisco

Liz Hurst

VP, Marketing & Communications

Amanda Jefferson

Executive Director, Philadelphia

Katherine Kennedy

Special Advisor to Staff and Boards

Sandra Louk Lafleur

VP, Programs

Liz Marino

Executive Director, Boston

Deidre McCormick Martin

Executive Director, Seattle

Aubrey Merriman

Executive Director, Silicon Valley

Guadalupe Nickell

Chief Development Officer

Karina Saltman

Executive Director, New York City

Kait Schroeder

Executive Director, North San Francisco Bay

Stacey Thompson

Senior Director of Talent

Jessica Vibberts

Chief Operating Officer

Janice Yang

Senior Director of Program

A Letter from the CEO

Dear Friends,

This past year was exciting on several fronts: We launched our group mentoring pilot innovation thanks to a grant from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation; we enrolled more young men of color and served more students than ever; we developed our foundation for greater program growth; and we began to raise the profile of Summer Search. Most importantly, we were witness to thousands of young people learning how capable they are and what they have to offer to the world.

I invite you to take a moment to read more about our highlights from this past year. Thanks to your investment, our students are creating a brighter future for themselves and our country—93% of our graduating seniors are headed to college and 72% have earned a four-year college degree compared to just 11% of their peers.

As kids at the lowest socio-economic level face a widening opportunity gap, I’m deeply grateful for your partnership to support our students to become college-educated leaders who give back to their families and communities.

Thank you for your support and for your commitment to join Summer Search in creating powerful, lasting change. I look forward to continuing this journey together for many years to come.


Amy Saxton
Amy H. Saxton

A List of Colleges




A List of Summer Partners

  • Academic Study Associates
  • Adventure Risk and Challenge
  • Adventures Cross-Country
  • AFS-USA, Inc.
  • Amigos de las Americas
  • Apogee Adventures
  • Barnard College's Summer in New York
  • Bike Works
  • Boston University Summer Term
  • Camp Encore/Coda
  • Camp Ogichi Daa Kwe
  • Cheley Colorado Camps
  • Chewonki
  • Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Programs
  • College Orientation Workshop
  • Colorado Outward Bound School (COBS)
  • Concordia Language Villages
  • Cottonwood Gulch Foundation
  • Cushing Academy
  • Deer Hill Expeditions
  • Economics for Leaders Program
  • Environmental Traveling Companions
  • Fenster School
  • Global Glimpse
  • Global Leadership Adventures
  • Global Routes

  • Academic Study Associates
  • Adventure Risk and Challenge
  • Adventures Cross-Country
  • AFS-USA, Inc.
  • Amigos de las Americas
  • Apogee Adventures
  • Barnard College's Summer in New York
  • Bike Works
  • Boston University Summer Term
  • Camp Encore/Coda
  • Camp Ogichi Daa Kwe
  • Cheley Colorado Camps
  • Chewonki
  • Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Programs
  • College Orientation Workshop
  • Colorado Outward Bound School (COBS)
  • Concordia Language Villages
  • Cottonwood Gulch Foundation
  • Cushing Academy
  • Deer Hill Expeditions
  • Economics for Leaders Program
  • Environmental Traveling Companions
  • Fenster School
  • Global Glimpse
  • Global Leadership Adventures
  • Global Routes

  • Academic Study Associates
  • Adventure Risk and Challenge
  • Adventures Cross-Country
  • AFS-USA, Inc.
  • Amigos de las Americas
  • Apogee Adventures
  • Barnard College's Summer in New York
  • Bike Works
  • Boston University Summer Term
  • Camp Encore/Coda
  • Camp Ogichi Daa Kwe
  • Cheley Colorado Camps
  • Chewonki
  • Choate Rosemary Hall Summer Programs
  • College Orientation Workshop
  • Colorado Outward Bound School (COBS)
  • Concordia Language Villages
  • Cottonwood Gulch Foundation
  • Cushing Academy
  • Deer Hill Expeditions
  • Economics for Leaders Program
  • Environmental Traveling Companions
  • Fenster School
  • Global Glimpse
  • Global Leadership Adventures
  • Global Routes

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Jazz at Lincoln Center
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Jan Hudson

Huntington Steele, LLC

Joshua Hurwitz

Jim and Laurie Hyman

IECA Foundation

Independent Insurance Advisors

The George Frederick Jewett Foundation

Julia and Pete Johannsen

Michael and Barbie John

Lucinda and Todd Johns

Michael and Wendy Jolley

Justice, Justice Foundation

Bob and Linda Kaliski

Jason and Jessica Karp

Sy Kaufman and Kerstin Edgerton


John and Linda Keeny

KeyBanc Capital Markets, Inc.

Kibble & Prentice

Timothy and Jennifer Kingston

Morton Kirsch

Jeff Klein and Heidi Levin ~

Kate Kelly and Tom Klein

Jay and Inna Koehler

Scott D. Krase

Simon and Kim Krinsky ~

Millicent and Robert Lalanne

Kenneth and Elaine Langone

Kate Lavin ~

Terrie and Christopher Leake ~

Karen and David Leeds ~

Jill and Joe Lervold

John Lewis

Yuan Cai Lin *

Alan Litt

Susanna Locascio

Louis C. Ciliberti & Associates, Ltd.

MadCat Foundation

Scott and Laura Malkin

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mandel Jr.

Susan and Chris Masto

Tom and Robin Mattimore

Maverick Capital Foundation

McCarter & English LLP

Betsy and Edward McDermott

Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. McInerney

Deborah Meehan

David E. Retik & Christopher D. Mello Charitable Foundation

Sara and Eric Menke

Andy and Molly Mercy ~

Jo Frances and John Meyer ~

Jasna and Adam Mikkelson

ML Strategies, LLC/Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.

MJJ Builders Corp.

Dale and Bob Mnookin ~

Tamra and Kurt Mobley

Christine Mathews and Warren Mullen

Matt Murphy and Helen Lin-Murphy ~

Cormach Murrihy

Linda and Cameron Myhrvold

Natixis Global Asset Management

Nelson Foundation

Amanda Nelson

Pam and Mitch Nichter

Ria and Jonathan Nickens ~

Eve Niquette and Charles Pohl

Scott and Amie Nuttall

Kyle and Allison O'Neill

John and Denise Orwin

Jeff and Lauren Osher

Richard O'Toole

Arun and Priya Palakurthy

Brian and Tricia Parsons ~

Rand Pear

Gina and Dave Pell

Karen Pell and Heather Lupa

Charmaine Chow and Saul Peña *

Scott Phillips

Caroline and Bradley Probst

Mike Proffit

PSAI Realty Partners

Jack and Kendall Rabun

RAIT Financial Trust

Mark and Susy Reinstra

William Rippe and Laure Sudreau-Rippe

Thurston and Catherine Roach

Rosenberg Ach Foundation

Lisa Rourke

Patricia Rovzar and Rick Spier

RS Investments

Patti and Rusty Rueff

Chris and Pam Rupright

Russell Investments

Vinay Saqi

Sarlo Foundation

The Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust

Rachel Schindler and Dan Woodman

Warren and Ladan Schlichting ~

Fred and Judy Schmid

Elle and Gabriel Seguritan

Seiler LLP

Silverado Farming One Percent Fund, a Community Impact Fund at Napa Valley Community Foundation

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

Christie Snyder and Alan Smith ~

Tom and Patricia Steele

Lisa and Gregg Stone ~

Mary Streep

The Stuart Family Foundation.

Cynthia and Peter Sullivan

The Sunbridge Foundation

Emma Swain and Wes Jones

Christy and Hans Swildens

The Susan and Barry Tatelman Family Foundation

T.L.L. Temple Foundation

Chrissy and Jeffrey Teschke

Scott Thomas ~

Victoria Thorp and James Migdal

TJX Companies, Inc.

Marimar Torres

Toth Construction

Erik and Jennifer Toth ~

TPG Capital

Charlotte and Scott Tracy

Heather and Scott Tucker

Judy Upjohn

Jean Verbridge and Charles Burd

Luke and Caitlin Walsh

Marcia Walsh and Eric Block ~

Debi and Jeff Weber

Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

Jerry Weintraub and Melody Howe Weintraub

Amanda Weitman

John F. Welch, Jr., Foundation

Katherine G. Welch

Wells Fargo Foundation

Carl and Sherry Wernicke

Wetherby Asset Management

Diane Blanchard Whiting

Diane B. Wilsey

Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati

Steve Wilson and Nomi Silverman

Dennis Winger

Michael and Tory Winnick ~

Otto and Marianne Wolman Foundation

Jeffrey Wong and Carolyn Choi ~

Randall Yates

Timothy and Kay Yates

Greg and Jodi Young

Kristin and Thomas Zarrella

Gregory and Katherine Zelazny ~

Carlene and Andy Ziegler


Ace Private Risk Services

Scott and Bobbie Addis

Gregory and Christy Allen

Alta East, Inc.

Eric and Heidi Altree

Patti and Kent Anderson

Susan and Mark Anderson

Wendy Anderson


Associated Students of SSU Clubs


Richard Bane

Bank of America Matching Gifts

Karyn and Joe Barer

Michael and Susan Barr

Sean Barron

Baystate Financial Services

Krista Bendig and Tristan Davis

Wendy and Charles Black

Philip Black

Emma Bloomberg and Chris Frissora

Bruce and Ann Blume

Todd and Julie Boes

Julie and Jim Borden

Bonnie Brown and Joe Gervais

The BWD Group LLC

Jane and Mark Cahill

California Alpha Delta Kappa, Alpha Psi Chapter

California Alpha Delta Kappa

Kathy and Bob Ceremsak

Linda and Joseph Chong

Rodger Citron and Andrea Cohen

Susan and Mitchell Cohen

Nina Coslov and Howie Rice

Brendan and Jill Cusick

Krista and Peter Dalton

Jeff and Helen Day

Delafield Hambrecht, Inc.

Kathy Dell and David Norman

Terri DelloBuono

Yvonne and Michael Derse

Talley Kenyon and Arthur DeVault

The Philip Devon Family Foundation

Mindy and Howard Diamond

Hilary and Alexander Doroski

The Downes Family Fund

Joseph Downes

Rich and Martha Draves

Julie and Michael Durbin

Gayane and Tom Ebling

Emily and Thomas Edwards +

Mark and Janet Edwards

Carrie and Stouffer Egan

Eichstaedt & Lervold, LLP

EisnerAmper LLP

Erin and David Elliott

Endicott Management Company

Chris Ericksen

John and Danielle Esposito

Lisa and Nathan Every

Chris and Korren Farkas ~

Martha and Paddy Farrell

Pamela Polite Fisco and Dennis Fisco

Fletcher Bay Foundation

George Fontas and Jenny Farrelly ~

Foster Pepper PLLC

Charles and Kathy Fox

Fuller Foundation, Inc.

Fund for Calistoga, a Community Impact Fund at Napa Valley Community Foundation

Cynthia and John Gallagher

Gap Inc. Giving Campaign

General Sportswear Company, Inc.

John Giacomazzi

Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund

Lorrie and Richard Greene

Sallie Griffith

Calvin and Marilyn Gross

Christy and Kevin Hammond

Stephanie and Greg Hansen

Katherine and James Hansen

Scott and Marcia Harrington

Corinne Hedrick

Hellam Varon

Harry and Carol Heller

Chris and Debi Hemmeter

Henrietta Tower Wurts Memorial

Gregory and Kristen Heywood

Deborah and Jonathan Hirtle

Jennifer Steele and Jonathan Hoekstra ~

Jud Holt and Sarah Shanti Hart

Patricia Huntington and John Gove ~

Howard and Elisabeth Jaffe

Jefferies & Co., Inc.

Jolson Family Foundation

Matthew and Jenni Kabaker

Kadima Foundation

Susan and Gary Kaplan

Karas Family Foundation

Nancy Kellerman

William and Beth Ketcham

Steve and Claire Kingsley

Derek and Lisa Kirkland

Brian and Maura Kneafsey

Jon and Carol Knorpp

Kohl Industrial Park, LLC

Jennifer and Chris Kostanecki

Kenny and Katie Krimmel

Lake Partners Strategy Consultants

Noelle Leca and Michael Moradzedah

Leerink Partners LLC

Glen Leibowitz

Jeffrey Levine

Loren Lewallen and Katherine Katcher

Paul Lichtman

Andy and Chelsea Lientz

Mychele Lindvall and Carl LeBoa

Lovett-Woodsum Foundation

Tom and Marie Lyons

Corey and Kristin Maas

Gerald and Lee Ann Maginnis

Jay Karas and Miriam Marcus

Matthew and Cindy Mark

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito

Andrew F. and Ann B. Mathieson Fund

Clare McCamy and Harrison Miller

Nancy and Brian McCarthy

Robert McGuire, Jr.

Evie and John McNiff

David and Sophia McShea

Christopher and Michele Meany

Salil Mehta

Linda and Lee Meier

Rob and Nessa Mellett

Steven L. Merrill

Microsoft Giving Campaign

Joseph Munayer *

Jeremy and Jessica Murphy

Kevin and Leslie Murphy

Charles and Catherine Nettleton

Anne and Nestor Nicholas

David Nilssen and Lindsay Downing

Brett and Jennifer Nissenberg

Alicia Nogales and Greg Little

Northville Industries

Patrick and Cathy Norton

NSTAR Foundation

Ostrolenk Faber

Jeff and Sheryl Ott

Christopher Owens

Tom and Dena Owens

Pacific Union International

Linda and Alessandro Pagani

Anne and Felix Pardo

Jessica Parish Galloway

Will and Julie Parish

Surya Patel

Jason Payne

Pennsylvania Trust Company

Byron Penstock

Pepper Hamilton LLP

The Philadelphia Trust Company

Kyle and Emily Pickens

Plum Creek Foundation

Martha and Charley Polachi

Tom and Gwen Price, Price Family Dealerships

Lisa and John Pritzker

Eric and Luisa Rabe

Debbie and Forrest Rhoads

Michelle Richardson

Nancy and Rich Robbins

Anne and Bruce Robinson

David and Valerie Robinson

Stephanie and Mark Robinson

Jeff and Linda Rosenthal ~

Ross Family Foundation

Susan and Alan Rothenberg

Ravi Sachdev and Megan Heanue-Sachdev Foundation

Nord Samuelson

Kelly and Robert Scannell

Barbara and Jim Schaye

Schools of the Sacred Heart

Jean Schulz

Seattle Bank

Shapiro Goldstein Moses & Artuso, LLP

Wendy Shattuck and Samuel Plimpton

Gary Shedlin

Sheehan Family Foundation

Elizabeth Sheehan

Amy and Jeffrey Silverman

Bruce and Denise Smith

Christy and Bryan Smith

Carolyn and Stephen Spitz

Tony Stais

Michael Stallone

Peter and Lila Steinle

Judy Stephenson and Scott Harshbarger

Catherine and Greg Stern

Mary and Louis Stervinou

Andy and Hannah Stevenson ~

Caroline and Brent Stone

Michael Supino

Julia Bowen and Brad Svrluga ~

Maria Sweeney

Angie and Seth Taube

Jennifer Taw

Laura Tenner

Margaret and Nathan Thorne

Paula Todd

Touro University

True Ventures

Tucker & Latifi, LLP

U.S. Information Systems, Inc.

VMware Foundation Matching Gift Program

Conrad and Wendy Voorsanger ~

Kirby Walker and Paul Danielsen ~

Walter & Samuels, Inc.

Waterside Villas Holdings, LLC

Jason Windawi

Jon Wittemyer

William and Kris Wolcott

Woodruff Sawyer & Company

Karen and Michael Zeff

Stacey and Ian Zwicker ~


Robert Abrams

Meg and Bob Ackerman

Yuriko Cherry Aguirre

Ahern Painting Contractors, Inc.

Wendy Aird

Paul Albushies

Victor Alcantara

Peter and Natalie Allenspach

Debra Ankeles and Robert Freedman

Anonymous (7)

Hilary and Bruce Armstrong

Veronica and Greer Arthur

Marie and Michael Ashton

Rachel and Jonathan Aspatore

Amy and Mark Atkinson

Martha and Bruce Atwater

Sol Avzaradel and Kolin Taylor

Andrea and Carl Axelrod

The Bachelors of San Francisco

Pam and Larry Baer

Baird Foundation, Inc.

Alan and Suzanne Baker

Leslie Baker

Andrew & Melora Balson Family Fund

Bank of the West

Dr. Cristina Banks

Michael Barber

Josh and Janelle Barrow

Bay State Savings Charitable Foundation

Jonathan and Erika Bearman

Nancy and Joachim Bechtle

David and Joanna Beitel

Denise Rodrigues Bekler *~

Ronny and Catherine Bell

Riva and David Berelson

Scott Bernstein, D.D.S.

The Bernsten Family

Eric Bischof and Susannah Shipman

Michael and Jill Bizenov

Andrew and Leslie Blauner

Tom Bliska and Gray Boyce

Blustein, Shapiro, RIch & Barone, LLP

Bank of New York Mellon Charitable Giving Program/Alice P. Chase Trust

Loree Bolin

Bonneville Seattle

Bennett and Marion Borko

Dominique Bourgault

Meade and Terri Boutwell

Brenna Boyd

Toni and Peter Breck

Helen Breck

Neil Bretvick

Joann and Miki Breuer

Amy and Tony Briney

Frank and Susan Brown

Alice Brownstein

The Buckingham Research Group

Eoin Bullock

Peggy and James Burling

John Burlingame

Elizabeth and Clark Callander

Thomas Campbell

Steve and Rowen Cantrell

Louis and Virginia Cappelli

Cardinal Heating & A/C Inc

Carl Hossman Family Foundation

Karen Carlin

Mary and Marshall Carter

Katie Simons and Steve Carter

Paola and Charles Casey

CertilmanBalin Attorneys

Eliza and Yong Cha

Sreekanth Chaguturu, M.D.

Joseph and Debbie Chait

Abbey Chan

Martin Fund/Fay Chandler

Jenny Chang

Elaine and Lee Chertavian

Robert and Miriam Chung ~

Clorox Company Foundation

Ellen Cohen and Daniel Haber

Christina and Casey Condron

Carey Condy

Barbara and Jim Conen

Chip Conradi

Alexandru Constantin *

Martha Conte

Erin and Greg Coomer ~

Mimmy and Phil Cooper

Penny and James Coulter

Loretto and Dwight Crane

Curtis Cresta ~

Adam Crowley and Ashley Andrew

Gema and Vincent Cruz *

Jean and Richard Cunningham

Jackie and James Curleigh

Edie and Bill Dagley

Shawn Dahlem

Steven and Marjatta Daniels

Rob Dauenhauer

Carolyn Davies

Nicholas Davis

Rebecca Devine

Jen and Brian Devlin

Liz Donnenfeld +

Donovan LLP

Lucy Donovan

Marvin Dorfman

Drake Loeb Heller Kennedy Gogerty Gaba & Rodd PLLC

Bill and Phyllis Draper

Tim and Melissa Draper

Carol and Rodney Du Bois

Duane Morris, LLP

Reece Duca

William and Katharine Duhamel

Dunn Lumber

Jane and Herb Dwight Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County

Blair and Cheryl Effron

Sarah and John Ehlinger

Emma Timmins-Schiffman and Ronen Elad

The Elder Family Foundation Trust

Ralph Elder

Deborah and Vernon Ellinger

Todd and Mia Ellis +

Robert Elman

Enterprise Learning Solutions

Andrew Ertman

Expedia, Inc.

Joe and Ilona Fague

Abigail and Bill Falik

Jonathan Faller

David and Alex Farber

Michael and Eileen Fazio

Katherine Feinstein and Rick Mariano

Marla Felcher and Max Bazerman

Frank and Jane Felicelli

Mitzi and Frank Ferguson

Ruthie Ferraro

Christina Ferri and Mark Forziati

Tracy and Mark Ferron

Chris Fitzgerald *

Robert C. Fleder

Francoise G. Fleishhacker

Shane and Lorna Flock

Jamie and Brian Foley

Lawrence Fong *

Elizabeth Coxe and David Forney

Amy and Keith Fox


Freed Family Fund of the Napa Valley Community Foundation

Clark and Joanna French

Peter Frick and Tara Gildea

Robert E. Friedman

F-Secure Inc.

Ann Marie and Jonathan Galli

Michael and Rebecca Gamzon

Alan Gardner

Jennifer George and Will Birdsey

Toni Gersh and Joseph O'Connor

Chuck and Nan Geschke

Patricia and Paul Gilbert

The Gilbys

Ari Gilder

The Linda and David Glickstein Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation

Karen Glover and Thad Alston

Eileen and Charles Glovsky

Zuleika Godinez

Joan and Alfred Goldberg

Goldman Sachs Gives

Marjorie Gorelik

Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Barbara Grasseschi and Tony Crabb

Robert Green

Thomas and Sandra Greenwood

Grant and Kim Gregory

Marjorie and Nick Greville

Ruth Gross

Tori Stuart Guiliano and Rob Guiliano

Abhas and Shaily Gupta

Susan Guthrie and Todd Sinai

Walter and Julie Haas

Nancy Hagens and Thomas Hill

Nicholas Halaby

Sam and Lynn Hall

Shaina and Nathaniel Hamilton

Samuel Hamilton

Henry Hanna

Nancy and Michael Harahan

Katy Harding and Tim Nickel

Deborah Harlan

Alison Harris

Paul Harris

Tim and Christine Hartigan

James Head

Sebastian Heath and Sarah Burns

Hermione Foundation

Mark and Jacqueline Hershey

Douglas & Carolen Herst Philanthropic Fund

Robert F. Higgins Foundation

Diane and Gregory Hillyard

Janet Hockman

David and Cookie Hofele

Ken Hoff and Laurie Fontana

Hilary Hoffman

Ava Hoppenstein Shore

David Vaneard and Sarah Horowitz

Linda and Howard Horton

Josh Klakring and Ashley Hossman

Melissa and Erick Howard

Rob and Allison Howard

Jonathan Howe

The Howell Family Charitable Foundation

Christopher Hryniw

Russ Huang and Charissa Huan

Hudson Valley Bank

Terri and Gary Hulse

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Hume

Cathy and Kevin Hylton

Jeung Hyun

Laura Iaclovetti

Kelly and Moti Ifergan

Eric Incitti

Doug and Mary Ireland

Tim Jacobs

Zul and Melissa Jamal

James F. Reda & Associates LLP

The James Irvine Foundation

Amanda Jefferson and Fernando Alcayaga +

Christina W. Jennings

Marian Joh and Jason Andrews

Kenneth and Lorraine Jones

Joy and Doug Kant

Aman and Meghana Kapadia

Courtney and Steve Kapp

Nancy Karason

Carl Kaufman and Martha Angove

Ron and Barbara Kaufman

April and Peter Kelly

Patrick Kenealy and Blair Heath Kenealy

Greg and Christie Kennett

Kent-Lucas Foundation

Nancy Hsiung and Charles Keough

James and Teresa Kilman

Charlie and Ella Kim

Susana Kim and Geoffroy Samarcq

Rob and Sydney Kindler

Jeff King and Margot Beall

Tim and Megan Kirley

Jennifer and Patrick Kiss

Patricia and Robin Klaus ~

Klingenstein Fund

Teresa and David Korol

Debbie Koste and Kurt Rokstroh

Hersh Kozlov

Jake and Christy Kriney

Lois Kunian

Michelle La Fleur and Michael Goetz

Mimsy and Paul Laland

Larry and Ruth Lange

Tony and Rachel Lanham

Jane Larrow

Margaret Laws

Donald Learner Family Foundation

Howard Learner

Roger and Ellen Leeds

LEEN Foundation

Rob and Terrel Lefferts

Tom Leineweber and Meagan Fitzsimmons

Susan and Myron Levine

Gail Rothenberg and John Levy

Raphael Licht and Gabrielle Applebaum ~

Julie and Dan Little

Katinka LoCascio and Nelson Downend

Donna Lou and Peter Bladin

Marguerite and Michael Loucas

Alistair and Caroline Low

Robert and Amanda Lowenthal

Douglas and Ellen Lowey

Melisa and George Lynch

James and Clare Mackie

Andrea MacLeod

Courtenay and Courtney Macomber

Patrick Mahoney

George and Stefania Mallett

Liz and Vincent Marino +

Marmo e Granito Inc

Richard Martin

Emily McComb and Nicolas Massard

Luis and Maria Massiani

Stuart and Vicki Match Suna

Mike McAleer

Cathleen McCafferty and Roger Odenberg

Julie McCleery

Kevin McClelland

Wade and Wendy McDevitt

Nion Tucker McEvoy

Carolyn Gillespie and Ryan McGlothlin

Carol and Paul McGowan

Thomas McKinlay

Jane McKinstry and Art Dorsey

Sharon and Brian McNally

Sarah and Leo Meehan

Mark Menting and Laura Wilson

MetLife Foundation

Liza and Jeffrey Meyerhardt

Hilary and William Midon

Lynne and Neal Miller

John C. Millman

Jacob Mooney

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Moriguchi

The John C. & Katherine M. Morris Foundation

Julina Moy

Robert and Caroline Muir

Michael Nachbar and Erin Callaghan ~

Laurance and Francine Nagin

NAK Retail Management

Nancy & Joachim Bechtle Foundation

Samantha Neukom

Elyse and Michael Newhouse

Guadalupe Nickell +

Melissa and David Norton

Novato SDA Church

Remy Ntshaykolo and Kelly Prichett ~

Molly and Joseph Nye

Bradford O'Brien

Marcelle O'Connell

Daria and David O'Connor ~

Chris and Carrie O'Dea

Scott and Laurie Oki

George and Karen Oliver

Mauricio and Nicole Ordonez

Ruth Porat and Anthony Paduano

Bob and Kristine Pallas ~

Susan and Joe Paresky

Stephen and Beth Patras

Patriot Financial Management, L.P.

Bo Peabody

Molly Pengra

James and Corey Peoples

Candido Perez, Jr.

Georganne Perkins

JaMel and Tom Perkins

Cynthia and Roger Petrie

The Richard L. and Suzanne S. Levy Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation

Ellen and David Phillips

Dana Pigott

Platzer, Swergold, Karlin, Levine, Goldberg & Jaslow LLP

Louise Playford

Mr. and Mrs. Pogue

Charlie and Eleanor Pollnow

Thomas Polton and Ruth Simon

Stephen and Nicole Poole

Tom and Jane Potenza

Chris Pratley and Seiko Koboyashi

Premier Staffing

Jill Preotle

Barry and Jennifer Price

Chris Prokop and Mark Battista

Pruett Rabe Associates LLC

Erin and Pete Przybylinski

Suzanne and Bernie Pucker

Barry and Melina Pyle

Quigley/Hiltner Fund of The San Francisco Foundation

Ramapo Communication Corporation

John C. Read and Alexandra Read

Mason and Katherine Reay

Rent-A-Center, Inc.

Richard P. and Claire Morse Foundation

Rory Richardson

Kari and Samuel Richardson

Aaron and Hilary Richmond

The RK Logistics Group, Inc.

Liz and Greg Robbins

Robert W. Baird & Co.

Elizabeth and Jonathan Roberts

Rachel Rock and Josh Levy

Rockland Bakery, Inc.

Scott Rodrick

David Fuhrmann and Catherine Rogers

Frank Rogers

Stuart and Lee Rolfe

Jack and Marlene Rook

Erin and Lauren Rose

Heidi and Nick Rosenberg ~

Carl and Sarah Rosendahl

James and Kayley Rosenthal

Jeff and Cynthia Rosenzweig

David and Allison Ross

Rotary Club of Mill Valley

Robert Rotberg

Marc and Leslie Rousso

Jamie and Gretchen Rubin

Bill and Jeannie Ruckelshaus

Judy and Jon Runstad

Kevin Ryan and Carolyn Pressly-Ryan

Sacajawea Charitable Foundation

Ian and Wendy Sacks

Nicole and John Sailer

Laurie Saito and Jeff Hardie

Linda and Wayne Saker

Olivier Sarkozy

Gabriella Sarlo

Dale Sarro

Katie and Matt Sawatzky

Amy Saxton and Michael Dailey +

Brigid and Timothy Scannell

Ned and Holly Scheetz

Susan and Stephen Scherr

Phil Schlein

David Schwartz and Donna Liu

Nicky and Arnold Schwartz

Susan and Kurt Schwartz

Deborah Schweikert

Robert Scully

Darren Seirer

Kristin and Lawrence Sennett

George Serra

Nancy and Gregory Serrurier

Ken and Tarja Settles

David and Elizabeth Sherman

The Sher-Right Fund

Robin Shostack

John and Kelly Shuhda

Rodger and Margo Shute

J. Peter Simon

Ali and Mike Simpson

Lee and Allen Sinai

Marc Singer

David Slackman

Barb Smith

Lee and Perry Smith Fund

Mary Snyder

Paul and Stine Solli

Raphael Sorcio

Laura and Gregory Spivy

Squadron Gardens Associates

Eve Stacey and John Vannewkirk

Lucinda and Theodore Stebbins

Gordon Stephenson

Shirley Stetson and Bryant Rollins

Scott and Andrea Stiles

Anne K. Stoll

Kay and Jack Stone

Sallie Strand

William Strong

Nachi Subramanian

Suffolk Bancorp

Judy and Meyer Sussman

Paul and Linda Suzman

Ellie Svenson and Mark Klempner

Patricia Swig Dinner

Marjorie Swig

Kathy and Ronald Takvorian

Patricia Tanoury

Debbie and Jack Tatelman

TD Bank, N.A.

Stacey and Jermaine Thompson *+

Dune Thorne and Neville McCaghren

Lue Ann Tikker

Seth Timen

Klaus and Lori Toth ~

Barry and Marjorie Traub

William Hicks and Laura Trimingham

Shaun Tse *

Cecile and Stewart Tucker

Linda and Clayton Turnbull

Susan and Tom Turpin


Adam and Lauren Turteltaub

Stephanie Twomey and N. D'Arcy Roche

US Bank

The van Agtmael Charitable Fund

Felicia and Joel Vargas

Hermese Velasquez *~

Raj Venkatesan, Standard Pacific Capital, LLC

Marisa and Fernando Villarreal

Alisa and Josh Vitello

Zainab and Chris Vlahopouliotis

The Waldwin Group, Inc.

Danielle and Brooks Walker

Robert Watters

Joanne Barnes Watts

Eliza Weber

Jamie and Rory Weinstein

Ellyn and Brett Weisel

Ellen Welichko and Thomas Hubbard

Drika Weller and Nikiata Shamgunov

Kathleen Welsh and Bill Plautz

Raymond and Joanne Welsh

Wentworth, Hauser and Violich

Juliet Whitcomb and Elliot Schrage

Rodney Whitwell

Frank and Elizabeth Wilczek

Willow Creek Charitable Foundation

Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Edelman & Dicker LLP

John and Averel Wilson

Kristin Wilson

Eric and Kim Winterhalter

Charlie and Stephanie Withers

Caroline Witmer

Wodecroft Foundation

Grace Won and Richard Holden

Wortendkye Brothers

Jeffrey and Korynne Wright

Ann and Mead Wyman

Lark and Gary Young

Susan and Stuart Young

Shirley Duong and David Yu *

Xiang Yuan-Garg

Peter Zimmerman

Bonnie and George Zinn

Up to $999

Fehintola Abioye *

Abrams Fensterman

Alex Abreu

Sabrina Accime

Karla Acevedo *

Eileen Acheson

Aparna Achuthan

Priscilla Acquaye *

Anne Adams

Adelante Capital Management LLC

Robert Adkins, Esq.

Abby Adlerman Platter

Lauren Adriani

Lisa Adukia

Advent Employee Matching Gifts Fund


Sazia Afrin

Eduardo Aguilar

Nanette Aguirre

Zareef Ahmed

Steve and Alyson Aiello

Dawn Aiken and Miguel de Campos

Mark and Patrice Aitken

Jonathan Albanese

Alexa Albert

Jason Alberts

Karen Alcazar *

Marissa Alden

Heidi Alessi

Joan Marie Alexander

Marselle Alexander-Ozinskas

Brenton Ali

Patty Alimonti

Clint and Lawson Allen

Grace Allen

Lorna Allen

Marcia Allen

Keith Allen-Farris *

Jim and April Allison

Robin Allstadt

Nasra Ally

Yvette Almonte *

Sumi Almquist

Joe and Donna Alta

Amelia Altavena

Maria Alvarez

Alana Alves *

Tanya Amaya

Gregory Amrofell

Selena An

Stacy and Arthur Anastos

Helen and Tom Anawalt

Anchor Capital Advisors

Denise Andersen

Jerome Anderson

Dulce Andrade *

Gretchen and Edward Andrews

Stephen Andron

Anonymous (26)

Andrea and John Ansteth

David Maymudes and Emily Anthony

Scott Anthony

Ashley Antler

Lauren Antler

Nicole and Chris Anzivino

Apple Computer, Inc.

Ethan Appleby

Sebastien Appleby

Ryan Arai

Steven Arango *

Daniel Araniz *

Arbella Insurance Foundation

Alejandra Argüello

Khalida Arif *

Jennifer and Stephen Arms

Alan Armstrong

Andrew Armstrong

Eileen and Larry Arnoff

Bret and Peg Arsenault

Jason Arth

Elaine Asher

Jenna Astarita

Judy Aster

Natasha Atkinson

Richard and Julie Atkinson

Justin Atwood

Eric Au *

Leland Au

Patrice Auld

Brendan Austin

Olanike Ayomide +

Sarah Azizi

Margaret Babayan *

Sarah Babcock and Josh Krepon

Pamela Babington

John Backer

Missy Backus

Peggy and Carter Bacon

David and Sharon Bagatelle

Chelsea Bai *

Jenny Bailey

Sean Bailey

Staci Bainbridge

Sundeep Bajikar

Pamela and Jesse Baker

Erik Ball

Dan Balzora

Susan Bance

Deborah Bander

Judy Banker

Whitney Banker

Shana Bannert +

Sachin Bansal

Stephanie Barag

Ann Barber

Jessie Barbosa *

Monica Barbosa *

David Bard

Robert Bareuther and Gina Davis

Amy and Peter Barkan

Irwin Barnes and Sibel Bessim

Fiona Barnett

Lindsay Barnett

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnett

Dr. Sara Barnwell and Mr. Jason Barnwell

Christine and Luca Barone

Jeanne Barr

Stacy and Jordan Barr +

Christopher Barrand

Erin Barry

Lucia Barry

Penny Barten

Lauren Bartlett *

James and Elizabeth Barton

Alexandra and Billy Bartz +

Bill Bartz

Jacqueline Bartz

Mike Bartz

Patrick Baryenbrunch and Laura Nell Ford

Sarah Buttenwieser and Hosea Baskin

Liz Bauer

Rebecca Bauer

Jason Baumgarten and Tiffin Goodman

Erin and Ken Baumgartner

Christopher and Cynthia Bayley

Elizabeth Bayley and John Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baysinger

Deanna Beach

Sarah Beahan +

Laura Nash and Tom Beale

Matthew Bechtel

Daniel and Annette Becker

Sara Beckwith

Lynne Jones and Bob Begley

Jonathan Begun

Courtney Behan

Chris Behrman

Abdelhak Belatreche *

Joe and Kristina Belfiore

Lisha Bell

Pamela Bell

Philip and Catherine Bell

Jocelyn Beltran

Ruby Bendersky

Rebecca Benderson

Annie Benisch

Ma'ayan Bennaim *

Angela Bennett

Jennifer Bennett

Richard Bennett II

Lauren Benoit *

Robert Benoit

Charles Benziger

Hagar Berlin and Jon Spack +

Sherie Bernardez

Darcie Bernier

Kate Berquist

Bonnie Berridge

Bella Berry *

Dave and Liz Berry ~

Debra Berry

Kevin Berryhill

Joan Beskenis

Madzy Besselaar

Francesca and Craig Bestwick

Betcher Family Foundation

Nancy Betcher

Susan Betcher

Justin Bethune *

James Betz

Robert Bevilacqua

Moneek Bhanot +

Jeff Bharkhda

Ankur Bhatnagar

Dani Bicknell *

Jane Bindley

Heather Bioren

Louisa and David Birch

Beth Birog

Jeff and Rhonda Bishop

Alice Bissell and Stephen Rosen

George and Peggy Bissell

Joni and Ted Bissell +

Elizabeth P. Black

Joanna and Neal Black

BlackRock Matching Gift Program

Matt and Laura Blair

EJ Blanchfield

Kyle Blanco

Rebecca Blanco

Mr. and Mrs. Bley

Roger Blissett

John and Lisa Blizzard

Mollye Block

Ellen Blommer

Diane and Howard Bloom

Jim and Rosemary Bloser

Dustin Bluck

Danny Blum

Hilda and Gilbert Boas

Victoria Bodanyi

Derek Boehringer

Andrew Boglioli

Janet Boguch

Fernando Bohorquez

Joanna Boisen

Carolyn Bojanowski

Scott and Donya Bommer

Betsey Bonaventura

Martin Bonilla

Christine Bonini

Susan Bonn

Ann and Chad Bonney

John Bonney

Sharleen and Robert Bonnville

Suzanne and David Booth

Andrew and Brenda Bor

Marina and Walter Bornhorst

Boston Private Bank

Laura Botero *

Jamie Bothwell

Margot Botsford and Stephen Rosenfeld

Kai Bottomley

Gregory Bougopoulos

Norleen Bounds

Luette Bourne

Marne and Stephen Bowen

Julie Bowers

Lynn and James Boyant

Jennifer and Chris Boyd

Jamie and Sarah Boyd

Steve and Sheila Boyd

Ellen and Steven Boyd

Margaret Boyle

Mike and Lynn Boyle

Peter and Michelle Boyle *

Kazan Braeckman

Howard Bragman

Lynne Brainerd and Michael Douvadjian

Hanna Brakey

Will Brame

David Bramwell

Achiezer Brandt

Jessica Brandt

Barbara Brawner

Mimi and Bill Breck

Warren and Lorraine Brenlinger

Kirk Breuninger

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Breuninger

Kelly Carolini Brito

Wendy Brittain

Susie Britton

George Broadbin

Jamie Brodsky

Leith Brooks Barry

Derek Browe

Caitlin Brown

Cazzie and Gerardo Palacios Brown *+

Donald P. and Kathleen M. Brown

Jordan Brown

Kyle Brown

Laura Brown

Michael Brown *

Patrick Brown

Ron Brown

Ryan Brown

Steven Brown

Susan Brown

Ashly Brun *

Stephen and Melissa Bruno

Richard Brunswick

Daniel Brusilovsky

Nicholas Bryan

Lynn and James Bryant

Wendy Buchen

Trevor and Billie Buck

Murphy Bug

Andrew and Sarah Buhayar

Lesley Bunim

Kelly Buntmann

Nicole Buonopane

Jeanne Burlingame

Samantha and Mitchell Burman

Naomi Burney

Tarik Burney and Shannon Phillips

Christine and Mark Burns

Jessica and Michael Burns

Joan F. Burns

Mary Burns

Patricia Burns

Charles Burris

Caitlin and Lee Burrows

Elizabeth Burrus

Cherie Bustamante

Lori Butera

Buy2Change Inc.

Delfin Buyco *

Rodella Buyco

Sugarsuren Byambasuren *

Ava Byer

Phoebe Byers

Khimonee Byrd

Sara and Thomas Byrne

Sara and John Cabala *

Leide Cabral *

Susan Cadrecha

Cristina Calcagno

Janet Calcaterra

Tania Calderas

Nick Caldwell

California Healthcare Foundation

Katherine Calvert

Deanne Camara and Fernando Ferreira

Elaine and Joseph Camarda

Stephanie Camoroda +

Carol Campbell

Kate Campbell

Kim Campbell

Daisy Campuzano

Mandy and Scott Candler

Aline and Bob Cannon

Jennifer Cannon

Michael Capizzi

Kevin Carbeau

Lisa Carbone

Bloum and Andre Cardenas

Susannah Cardy

Tajee Carey

Emilio Carias

Dudley and Curt Carlson

Carlyle Wealth Sharing Program

Andrea Carnegie +

Collette Carr

Deirdre Carr

Tim Carr

Eliza and Paul Carrington +

Katherine Carruth

Jon and Laura Carter

Michelle and Patrick Cartmel

Christine Cartwright

Kailey Cartwright

Marielba Casabona *

Edward Caselden

Conor Casey

Culley Casey

Eileen and Paul Casilli

Diane and Rob Cassil

Kevin Castellanos

Miguel Castillo

Tom and Jayme Catanese

Terry Cavallito

Paul Cavanaugh

Sandra Cavanaugh

Jen and Dan Cavenaugh

Ericka Cedillos *

Jonathan Celestin *

Fred and Patricia Ceppa

Craig and Deb Cerretani

Jasmine Cespedes Mejia *

Sowan Cha

Christian and Angela Chabot

Sumeet Chadha *

Margaret Chak

Keri Chambers

Albert and Naree Chan *

Annie Mock and Chris Chan

Winnie Chan *

Gina Chang

Tony Chang *

Damien and Jackie Chapman

Brooke Chappell

Charles River School

Brad Chase

John Roach and Stacy Chatfield

Anh Chau *

Abhi Chaudhuri

Dora-Aldina Chavarria *

Ricardo Chavarria *

Robert and Kay Cheatham

Angela Chen *

Crystal Chen

Kendra Chencus and Kurt Somerville

Jacky Cheng *

Ka Yun Cheng

Yoo Cheong

Jason Cherney and Cydane Morgan

Amy Chevrolet

Sloane Child

Barbara Chin

Andrew Cho

Yongbai Choi

Nicholas Chope

Patal Chowdhury *

Barbara and Ralph Christensen

Joey and Liz Christiano *

Winston Christie-Blick

Amanda Christoff

Nancy Chu

Yendie Chu

Church of the Advent

Jean and Michael Ciesynski

Andrew Cisneros

Susan and John Clare

Alan and Lynne Clark

Christopher Clark

Janene Clark

Kyle and Natalie Clark

Michaela Clark

Julia and David Clarke

Keith Clarke

Felix Claudio

Paul Clegg

Judi Clifford

Sarah and Patrick Clifford

Elizabeth Clinard

Miriam Ortiz Clooney *

Heather Clouting

Rachelle M. Coats

Lindsey Cobb

Barry Cogan

Abby Cohen

Barbara Cohen

Casey Cohen and Matt Beagle +

Debbie Cohen and Dan Goldner

Jason Cohen

Jay and Jane Cohen

Johanna and Andy Cohen

Mark and Tinsley Cohen

Melissa Cohen

Michael and June Cohen

Renee Cohen

Stacy and Rick Cohen

Simon Cohen

Stephanie Cohen

Cailey Colantuno

Ralph and Pookie Colantuno

Dan Colarusso

Edward Colbert

Richard and Catherine Cole

Ann Coles

Anne Colleton and William Davison

Patrick Collins

Kristina Colon

Constance Colucci

Gatewood Colvin

Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Inc.

Compass Group Management

Mark and Valarie Compo

Meghan Conaty

Alima and Yann Connan

Natalie Conneely

Brenda Connell

Sophie Connolly

Stephanie and David Connolly

Pamela and John Connor

Judy Connorton

Bill and Joanne Conrad

Michael Conway

Chelsey Cook *

Lauren Cook

Timothy and Taylor Cook

The Cooking Project

Courtney Cooney and Topher Solmssen

Ryan and Kristin Cooney +

Gerald and Jenifer Cooper

Havovi Cooper

Michael Cooper

Ana Copara *

Livia Copara *

Walker Coppedge

Justin Cordonnier

Elizabeth and Marc Cordova

Zoraida Cordova

Lynn Coriano

Josephine Corlett

Caroline and Michael Cormier

Jessica Cornell

Peter Cornell

Don Cornwell

Joan Corrigan

Carolyn Corwin and James Fish

Jessica Cosmus

Kate Stechschulte and David W. Cost, Jr.

Courtney Costa

Tom Costanzo

Katie Coupe

Robert Cowden III

Gary and Catherine Cox

Jolene Cox

The Cox Family

Coyle Insurance Agency, Inc.

Michael Coyne

Kelly Cravens

Jennifer Crawford

Lindsay Cregger

Erin Cresta

Charlie and Lucinda Crocker

Ann Croll

Joy Cronin

Marian and Michael Cronin

Carol March Emerson Cross

Marie Crouch

Carolyn Crowley

Mary Kay Crowther

Crum & Forster

Lorelei Cruz Gibson +

Miguel Cruz

Christine Csubak

Alison Cunningham +

Molly Cunningham

Joan and Ronald Curhan

Molly Curley O'Brien +

Eliza and Russell Cushman

Alex Cushner

Thomas and Karen Cusick

Doug Custer

Jeanny Cyprien *

The D.E. Shaw Group

Ron Dadina

Katherine and Lloyd Dahmen

John Daigre

James Dale

Marta and Lucio Dalla Gasperina

Naoko Dalla Valle

Melanie Damm and Greg Wollenman +

Bailey Damon

Jonathan Danforth and Cynthia Rogers

Janay Daniel *

Hong Dao

Morgan and Elizabeth Darden

Mason Daring

Abena Darkeh

Joseph Darza *

Joseph D'Ascoli

Joyce Dattner

Elena Davido

Darren Davidson

Adina Davis

Allison Davis

Aric Davis

Carolyn Davis

Peter Davis

Travis Davis and Nina Yadava

Abby Davisson

Jeff Davlyn

Suki and Miguel De Braganca

Katherine and David De Bruyn

Lillian de Jesus

Sharon De Oliveira *

Lionel Conacher and Joan Dea

Lauren Deaderick

Dan Decelles

Barbara Deggelman +

Gregory and Eleanor DeLeo

Ethan Dellhime

Gianna DelliCarpini

Michael Deloach

Deloitte Tax LLP


Ronald Delorme *

Sarah Deltergo

Vincent and Dianne DeLucia

Lindsay and Adam DeMaestri

Mark and Tara Demick

Shao Deng *

Claire Dennison

Emily Denton

Keven Depina

Elizabeth and Jay Derenzo

Steve Derenzo

Maarten Derksen

Pedro Des Neves

Priyanka Desai

Jennifer DeSimone

Kenyon DeVault +

Gregory Dexter

Christopher and Barb Di Re

Tracey and Scott Diaz

Deborah and Rob Dickey

Sandy Dickinson

Paul Diefenbach

Maximilian Dietrich

David DiGiuseppe

Andrea and Leo Dignam

Mike Dillon

Michael DiMaggio

Doug Dingwall

Brianna Dinsmore

Chrissie and Mike Dipietro

Andy Dischekenyan

Nate Distel

Betty Jane DiTomaso

Jesse Dittmar

Divisadero Florists

Rishi Dixit

Don Dixon

Bao-Chau Do *

Bao-Tram Do *~

Joseph Dobson

Lissa Dodington

Andrew Dodson

Sara and Matt Doelger

Gregory Doerk

Patrick D. Doherty +

Christopher and Sofie Dolan

Kimrick and John Dolson

Donald Family Foundation

Claire Donegan

Sadat Donkor *

Mark and Rose Donner

James Donoian

James and Nadine Doolittle

Rameez Dossa

William and Ilona Dotson

John Doty

Keith Doucot

Brian Dougherty

Crystal Dougherty

Carlon Douglas *

John Dovan

Don and Gemma Dove

Macaria Dove *

Julia Downes

Trish and Gary Downs

Benjamin Draa

Jennifer Drake

David Drapkin

Kim Drew

Sandy and Dick Drew

Thomas and Umi Druck

Victoria Druckman

John Drum

Douglas Drummond

Scott and Laurie Dubin

Margaret Duckhorn and Jim Ukropina

Jane Dudley

Linda Duff

Gale Dunham

Charles and Barbara Dunn

Kelly and Raymond Dunn

Sandra Dunn

Sam duPont

Brian Durkin

Charles and Kristen Durkin

Dale Dye

Shantu Ealy *

Jennifer Earnest

East Coast Abstract, Inc.

Eric Eberhart

Chris and Katy Eberle

Todd Edebohls and Juli Douglas

Desiree Edge *

Amy Edmondson and George Daley

Frank and Vicky Edmondson

Daniel Eguche

Sheryl Ehrman

Glennie Eisele

Anne Ladov and Jeremy Eisemann

Bonnie Eisner

Shelli and KishaLynn Elliott *

Jeffrey and Carol Lynne Ellis

Peter Ellis

Seth James Ellis and Jared Keith Ellis +

Susan Ellis

William and Virginia Ellis

Janet and Bart Elsbach

Beth and Tim Emanuels

Richard Emmett

Naomi Encarnacion *

Harriet Engel

Thomas Engelman

Barbara Engelson

Sandra Engelson

Ashley English

Veronica Ensign

Oluchi Enuha

Terri Epler

Jamie Ergas

Kathy and Curtis Erickson

Michael Errecart

Frances and JT Erskine

Dalvin Estrada *

Steven Estrada

Justin Ettinger

Todd and Marge Evans


Kenneth Everett and Linda Bloom

Stephen and Judy Everett

Robert Fabricant

Susan Fackelman

Jeremy Fago

Julie Faison

Benjamin Fajardo *

Rochelly Fajardo *

John Fajerski

Nael Fakhry

Jennifer Faley

Wendpuire Fanghaenel *

Nicholas and Patricia Fasciano

Maria Fastoso

Greg Faulkner

Joan Fay

Devra and Scott Featheringill

Marc Feinberg

Stuart Feinizig

Stacie and Jeff Feinstein

Kimberly Felder

Frances Feldman

Jed Feldman

Alexandra Felfle

Tara Felleman

Jinglin Feng *

Iris Feng *

Sharon Fenick

Lori and Howard Fensterman

Amanuel Fentahun *

Elis Fernandez *

Francesca Ferrante

Fernando and Aramina Ferrer

Anne Ferrera

Georganne Ferrier and Steven Weinberg

Daniel Fetner

Karen and Steve Fiala

Jennifer Fichamba and Pacari Incas

Mark Findaro

Amanda and Mike Finnell +

Karen and David Firestone

First Data

Heidi Fischer

Howard Fish

Natalie and Thomas Fishburne

Sako and Bill Fisher

Yvonne and Gregory Fisher

Lloyd Fishman

Christian Fitzgerald and Margaret Diaz

Emily FitzGerald +

Mary and Daniel FitzGerald

Andrew and Jaimee Fitzpatrick

Daniel Flannery

Amber and Christopher Flint

Desiree Flores

Jeffrey and Pamela Flores

Walter Flores *

Yancy Flores

Dr. Gary Florio and Mrs. Daniela Florio

Erin Flynn

Kate Folan

Kathryn Foley

Elizabeth Folger

Russell Follansbee

Jeremy Fong *

Jennifer Fonstad

Kelly and Russell Fontaine

Robert Forbes

Bethany Ford

Lynne and Gary Forester

Susan and Ken Forester

Amy Forman

Kevin Forman and Monica Demczuk

Wesley Forsyth

Ann Marie Foss

Andy Foster

Helen Foster

Kareem Foster

Lucien Fouke III

Eric and Jennifer Fox

Stephanie and Jon Fox

Siobhan Foy

Anne and Buzz Frahn

Beatrice Francesco

Sarah and Eben Frankenberg

Matt Franklin

Teresa Franklin

Lauren Frasco

Juli Frawley

Dale Fredston

Mary Lyn Freeman

Robert Freeman

Ron Freeman

Thomas Freeman

Jackie Frey

Matthew Friday

Brandon A. Fried

Dara Friedman

Erica Friedman

Tyler Friedman

Alicechandra Fritz

Gary Fritz and Pamela Keenan Fritz

David Frockt

Kristen Froseth

Chi Fu

Judith and Lawrence Fudge

Johanna Fuentes

John Fuller

Alice Furst

Alexandra Furth

Millie Fury Hopkins *

Nicol Gaffney +

Nicole Gagnon

Casey Gahan

Whitney Gallagher

Paul Galle

Sara Gallegos

Joe Gallo

Nancy Galluccio

Kevin Galvin

Kristen Gambardella

Elizabeth Gamsin

Rahul Gandhi

Rose and Peter Gannone

Ashley Gant *

Brandon Gantus

Bernice Garbade

Wendy and Richard Garber

Amber Garcia *

Jose Garcia *

Karen Garcia

Natalie Garcia

Tiffany Garcia

Judy and Joel Gardiner

Richard and Julie Gardiner

Christopher and Ane Gardner

Laura Gardner +

Nick Gargiulo

Debi and Dan Garlick

Mark Garonzik

Haid Garrett

Emily and Mike Garrido

Patrick Garrity

David Gast, Gast Architects

Catherine Gaston

Otis Gatehouse

Kim and Bob Gatof

Megan Gaul

Andrew Gaybrick

GE Foundation

Drew Geer and Kristin Loke

Andrea and Mary Ellen Geisser

Margaret Gelardo

Joan Gelch and Morris Weintraub

Genentech, Inc.

Ryan Geoffroy

Amelia George *

Erin George *

Andrea and Sean George

Anne Geraghty

Steve Gerberman

August Gerhardt

Ronald German *

Diane Gerold

Diane LaFon Gervasi and Robert Gervasi

Camille Gervasio

Jordan Gill +

Karen Gill and Christian Elliott

Charlene Gillespie and Brian Hillburn

Scott Gillett

Kimberly Gillie

Michael Gilligan

Phyllis Gillman, Ph.D.

Earl B. Gilmore Foundation

Gay Gilmore

Yosiat Gimbernard

Annette and Leon Gipson

Carol and John Glaser

Christina and David Glen

Andrea Glick

Meryll Gobler

Zachary Goelman

Thomas and Karen Goemaat

George Goin

Joel and Cybill Goldberg

Nancy A. Goldenberg ~

Jason Goldman

Jennifer Goldman

Matthew Goldman

Brian Goldstein

Bruce Goldstein

Karen Goldstein

Nancy and Ross Goldstein

Isabel Gomez Del Valle

AJ Gomez

Blanca Gomez *

Caroline and Regan Gonsalves

Raquel Gonzalez *

Kevin Good

Sheena Gooden *

Andrew Goodhand

Justin Goodman

Google Matching Gifts Program

Fredrick Gootkind

Anne Gordon

Kim and Drew Gordon

John Gordon

Jose Gordon

Nina Gordon and Lou Walinsky

Mark Gormley

Kathy Gosliner

Michael and Cheryl Gossler

Jean and David Gottesman

Andrew Gough

Lindsey Gould

Jay Goyal and Tonia Hale

Kristina Grace

Robert Gragnani

Karen Granados *

Patricia and Joseph Grande

David Grant

Jeremy Grant

John Grant

Sarah Grant

Brian and Susan Gray

Mary Beth Gray

Tom Gray

Kathy and William Green

Jacqueline Green ~

Barbara and Larry Green

Marie Green

Sandy Green

Katie Greenbaum

Carl Greene

Molly Greene

Debbie and Chuck Greenslit

Brian Greenspan

Suzanne Greer

Dawn and Charles Gresalfi

Martinique Grigg

Kate Grillo

Kelcey Grimm

Martin and Laurie Grims

Max Grinacoff

Andrew Grinalds

Krista and Charles Grinstein

Thomas Groenen

Ann Marie and Dan Gross

Shaine Gross and Heidi Hager

Lois Perelson-Gross and Stewart Gross

Jane and Allen Grossman

Eric Grossman

Melanie Grossman

Brian Guan *

Cindy Guan *

Jacquelyn Guarino

Frances Guerrero-Garcia

Melissa S. Guertin

Shalini Gupta

Cindy Gutierrez

Maya Gutierrez

Veronica Guzman-Osuna

Lyncy Ha *

Kim and Neal Habas

Martin Hackett

Leslie Haeger

Frewini Haile *

Carol Haldy

Coryn and Dave Hall

Stacey Hall

Walter & Joan Hall Fund

Beth-Anne and Jonathan Halpert

Mark Hamachek

The Hamel Family

Frank Hamilton

William and Nancy Hammonds

Dong Han

Donghoon Han

Helen and Richard Han

Chris Hanak

Lamar Hancock *

Craig Hanela

Eben Hansel

Frances Hanson

Shirley Hanson

Chris Hansot

Monica Hanza +

Gisele Hardeen

Katharine Harkins and David Finn

Kristy Harlan

James Harmon

Shawn Harmon

Wassef and Racha Haroun

Linda Harper

Ti'Esh Harper *

David Harrell

Samantha Harrington +

Annie and Peter Harrington-Howes

Noah Harris

Phylis Harris

Rebecca Harris

Nancy Harrison and Gene Katz

Daniel Haspel

Diane Haspel

Saad Hassan

Carter Hatch

Pia Hauch

Paul Haughey and Denise Spencer

Lisa and Chris Hauswirth

Louise Havens

Schuyler and Michele Havens

Catherine Hawkes

Teresa and Thomas Hawkins

Katheryn Hayes

Tegan Hayunga

Susan and Geoff Hedrick

Austin Heiman

Eric Heimann

Marguerite Heldfond

Charles Hellar

Allison Heller

Keegan Hellweg

Brian Henderson

Christin Henderson

Mark Henderson

Linda and Craig Hendrickson

Susan Hendrickson

Catherine and John Henn

Gordon and Debbie Henry

Timothy James Hensley

Deanna Heon

Elaine Hepworth

Cynthia and Ryan Heraty

Lyn and Bill Herbert

Guy Hermann

Amy Hernandez

Nelly Hernandez *

Veronica Hernandez *

Isaac Herrera *

Jesse Herrera

Barbara and Doug Herrington

Pam and Peter Herrup

Sarah Herrup Cloutier and Andrew Cloutier

Rachel Hershfang

Susan Herskovits

Alan C. Hess

Lisa Hess

Cynthia Strong Hibbard and Tod Hibbard

Elise and Matt Hicks

Linda and Mike Higgins

Tracy High

Andrew Hilen, Sr.

Christopher Hill *

Elizabeth Hill and Tom Biehl

Frances Hill

James Hill

Shawn and Allison Hintz

Daria Hirsch

Betty Hirschfeld

Tony and Lynn Hitschler

Minh and Phoebe Hoang *

Richard Hoang *

Hannah Hoar

Ross Hobbie

Holly Hoch

Stephanie Hochman

Kristen Hoehler

Hillary Hoff *

Patrick and Lauren Hogan

Sean Hogan

Kate Holbein Rademacher

Anne and Jeffrey Holden

Kitty Holden

Deborah and Nicholas Holland

Nancy Holland

Melissa Hollatz

Bavan and William Holloway

Karen and D. Graham Holmes

Stephanie and Benjamin Holson *

Michael Holt

Steve Hood

Christopher Hope

Kelly Hoppe

Meghan Horan

Tim Horsburgh

Whitney Horton

Caren Hosansky

John and Barbara Hotchkiss


James and Amy Hourihan

Amy and Seamus Hourihan

Karen and Kevin Hout

Kellie Hoverter

Barbara Howard

Lindsay Hower +

Gerald Howland

Anisa Hoxha *+

Alice Hu

Jennifer Hu

Mindy Huang *

Wendy Jia Men Huang *

Deborah Huber

Andrea and Scott Hudler

Kate Hudson and Jeremy Burdett *

Ana Huerta

Jennifer Hugens

Katie Hughes

Charles and Trish Hulley

Jason Hulme

Lilah Hume

Jason Hung

Osman Hussein

Christopher Hutchins

Anne Hutchinson

Tim Deterting and Heather Hutson

Tony Huynh *

Barbara Hyde-Evans

Laura Iacovetti

Armando Ibarra *

Jennifer Imholt

Jason and Sara Ingle

Tracy Inokon

Elizabeth Irwin

Elise Israel

Mark Iverson and Allison Capen

Brook Jackson

Joe Jackson

Matt Jackson

Rosalind Jackson

Iniko Jacobs *

Jamie Jacobs

Tajna Jacobs *

Bruce and Gretchen Jacobsen

Carin Jacobson

Craig Jacoby

Gabrielle Jacquet

Jacob Jaffe

Kayla Jaffe

Sameer Jain

Marta Jakubanis

Joanna Jakubiec

Nadia Janetta

Andrew Janower

Olivia Japlon

Damaris Jasso

Harsha Jattan

Andrew and Francesca Jay

Andrew and Zoe Jaye

Rebecca Jean *

Michael Jean-Jacques *

John and Dawn Jefferson

Anna-Marie Jene

Candace Jennings and Gil Rodriguez

Taleah Jennings

Cheryl Jensen

JJ and Wendy Jenson

Jennifer Jerde and Daniel Castor

Karen Jernstedt and Jim Barkovich

Jewish Communal Fund

Sallie Jian

Jessie Jiang *

Caroline Johansen

Andre J. Johnson

Curtis Johnson

Kent Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Richard Wolff and Christina Johnson-Wolff

Thomas and Lisa Johnston

MaryAnn Jonaitis

Christy Jones and Rob Lilleness

Louanne and Michael Jones

Paul Jones

Sharon Jones

Susan Kay Jones

Jessica Jordan

Louis and Lynda Jordan

Steven Jordan-Smith *

Lunise Joseph *

Shaw and Liza Joseph

Josh Link Foundation

Jon and Allison Joss

Freddie Joyner *

Gregory Jules

Anne Jung

Kris Kaktins

Samantha Kaminsky

Christopher Kanand

Laura Kane

Fred Kanter

Joshua and Cornelia Kantrowitz

Warren and Harriet Kantrowitz

Ellen L. and Robert S. Kaplan

Jacquelyn Kaplan

Zachary and Nancy Kaplan

Olga Karanikos

Nancy Ann and Samuel Karetsky

Christine M. Karnes and Richard A. Check

Helen Katz

Susan and Jay Kaufman

Lauren Kaufman

Marla Kaufman

Steven Kaufman

Harmanpreet Kaur

J. Hayes and Tena Kavanagh

Susan Kavoogian

Tomomi Kawabe

Lis Tarlow and Stephen Kay

Chris Keadle and Sam DeLeo

Katie Keating

Alexandra Kedmi

Tricia Keefe

Lexi Keeler and Jenny Jackson +

Patricia and Mark Luppi

Madeline Keenan

Madeline Keeshan

Katy and Jim Kehoe

Nancy Kehoe

Mike and Marisa Kelley

Gaylord and Robin Kellogg

Sara Kellogg

Brian Kelly

Kevin and Erika Kelly

Mark Kelly *

Megan Kelly

Thomas Kelly

Allison Kelsey

Tucker Kelton

Giles Kemp

Terry Kemper

Bill Kemple

Darci and Bob Kendrick

Maggie Kennedy

Nicole Kennedy

Mary Lu Kennelly

Jordan Kenny

Laura Kent

Carolyn Kern

Irene Keskinen

Sarah and Robert Kettle

Salma Khan

Samuel Kibirige *

Scott Kidd *

Jeannie Kimyai

Janet Kinasewich

Kim King

Marcia and Scott King

William and Carol Kirchick

Ryan and Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

Wendy and Kyle Kizzier

Emmy Klarberg

Ryan Klarberg

Ari Klein

Charles Klein

Gail Klein

Rob and Sloan Klein

James and Kim Klescewski

James and Janet Kloppenburg

Sasha Kloss *

Colleen Klus and Justin Rausa +

Lauren Knapp

Lorna Kneeland

Chris Knight +

Maryanne and Stephen Knott

Eliza Knowles

Bjorn Knutson

Artem Kochnev

Katherine and Alexander Kolb

Debbie and Jonathan Kolb

Werner Koller

Jessica Kong *

Cathy Kornblith

Vladimir Kostek

Jeff Kotowitz

Lanette Kozlowski

Drs. Darren Schwartz and Heather Kramm

Peter Kranzler

Jonathan and Darcy Krause

Jessica Kravetz

Ronald Kreisman and Roberta De Araujo

Brian Kremen

Caroline Kremer

David Kremski

Greg and Jen Kriebel

Michael Krieger

Ben Kriger

Jake and Linda Kriger

Elizabeth Davis Krinn

Julian Krinsky

Todd and Erin Krizelman

Bethanie Krogstad

Christine and Jeffrey Krolik

Morgan Kronenberg

Catherine Kross

Karen Kruger

Bianca Kugblenu *

Stacy and Tom Kuhn

Vikram Kumar

Kevin Kung *

Alexandra Kunkel

Jill and Greg Kunkel +

Ava Kuo and Mark Duggan

Eric Kuo

Andrew and Mary Kupchik

Andrew Kurd

Dr. Steven Kurtz and Mrs. Bonnie Schwarcz Kurtz

Rose Lavandero and Ted Kurtz


Laura Kurzrok

Alexis Kuta

Kim and Kevin Kwok

Athena Kyle

Lexi Kyle-Hammer *

Allan La

Whitney La

Ron and Marianne Lachini

John LaDien

Samuel LaFalce

Lihuan Lai *

Shannon Lail and Bert Casten

Elena Laird

Lam Research Employee Gift Match Program

Lam Research

Emily Lam

Polly Lam *

Stephanie Lamarre

Matthew Lambdin and Caroline Jamry

Shyanne Lamphier

Pam Landes

Allison Billings and Stephenie Landry

Thomas Landry

Randy Cohn and Alexandra Lane

Daniel Lane

Blythe Lang

Jennifer Lanning

Morgan Lanza *

Diane and Milt Lapkin

Ingrid Lara Rivera *

Paul and Martha Larsen

Shahed and Christopher Larson

Beau Laskey

Hilliary Latham

Afschineh Latifi

Ali R. Latifi

Kc Lauck

Vanessa Laughlin

Josh Lauren

Janelle Lauria

T.W.S. Laurie

Aaron and Amy Lavin

Jeanne Lavin

Troy Lavinia

Ashley Law

J`aime Law

Darlene Lawrence

Andrae Laws

Robert and Shirley Lazar

Gareth Le Cornu

Dung Le *

Moi Le *

Uyen Le *

Gary Leach

William Leach

Jamie Leake

Sarah Ann Leake

Angela Lean

Edward Leary

Jaclyn Leclair and Sean Farrelly

Alice and Donald Lee

Bomi Lee

Carson Lee

Catherine and Danny Lee

Debi H. Lee

Elizabeth Lee

Hatty Lee

Janice Lee *

Tommy and Jenny Lee

Wayne Lee *

Chavella Lee-Pacheco *

Bob and Judy Leet

Stephen Lefebvre

Michael Leichner

Mark and Margaret Leininger

Naomi R. Leonard

Ryann Leonard

Samuel Lerer

Wendy Lerman

Finn Leslie

Ornella Leukou *

Garrick Leung *

Gary Leung *

Paul Leung

Adam LeVasseur

Shanon Levenherz

Morgan Levey

Ann and David Levin

Fred Levin and Nancy Livingston

James Levin and Andrea Commaker

Sarah Levin

Jason Levine

Joshua Levine

Madeline Levine and Lee Schwartz

Sarah and Robert Levine

Scott Levine

Sheri and Mark Levine

Scott Levitt

Laraine and Jeffry Levy

Stuart Levy

Mireya Lewin and Alex Ceballos

David Lewis

Robyn Lewis

LexisNexis Cares

Bryan and Carol Leyton

Tevin Liao *

Jason Lichtenstein

Niles Lichtenstein and Alicia Cheung *~

Colleen Liffers

Claire Lilienfield

Vanessa Lin

Lincoln Financial Foundation

Janet Lind

Kirby Lindell

Henry Lindemann

Sara Link

Mr. and Mrs. Drew Lipner

David Litt

Rebecca Litt

Andrew and Sara Litt

Sen. Steve and Jenny Litzow ~

Brandon Liu

Sean Livingston

Kami Lizarraga

Helga LoCascio

Patti LoCoco

Veena Loftus

Kathy Lohse

Robert Lohse

Alejandro Lopez

Colleen Lopez

Elvia Lopez

Jazmin Lopez *

Kassandra Lopez-Lugo

Brian Loughlin

Danielle Louton

Doug Love and Rachel Running

Faith Love

Nancy Lovejoy

David Low and Dominique Lahaussois

Brendan Lowe

Angela and Bill Lowell

Jenn and Mark Lowenstein

Emily and Christian Lown

Troy Lucas

Tom and Megan Luce

James J. Ludwig Foundation

Mark Ludwig

Carol and Luther Luedtke

Jon Luick

Luke 12:48

Lettie Lupis

Donald Lutt

Patrick Lyddy

Eric Lyons

Mary Lyons

Melanie Lyons and Tina Bechler +

Ray Lyons

Christopher Macapagal

William MacDonald

Zack MacDonald

Lisa and Ross MacFarlane

Amy Mack

Genevieve Mack +

Charlotte Mackay

Paul Mackay, Jr.

Carol and William Macknight

P.J. Macom

Paula Macom

Holly Madden

John L. Madden

Sidney Magana

Danette Magilligan

Kate Magilligan

Michelle Magrino

Akshay Mahajan

Renu Mahale

Karen and Michael Maher

Andrew and Heather Mahoney

Christina Mahoney

Judy Mai *

Tony Mai

Aleksandra Makovik

Heike Malakoff

Louisa and Scott Malatos

Daniel Malavich

Luna Malbroux +

Helena Malchione

Shelley Malcolm

Thomas and Linda Mallan

Mou Mallick-Ferry

Katie Maloney

Nicole Mammoser

Misty Mancha

Alon Mandel-Portnoy

Sandy and Malcolm Manson

Mary Jane Manzo-Abeyta

Diane Marcus

Elizabeth and Vinny Marino

Paulie Mark

Jonathan Marker

Gary Markman

Diana Marko

Colin and Lauren Marlowe +

Ben Marsh

Martin Van Buren Alumni Alliance

Chris and Susan Martin

Deidre McCormack Martin and Ted Martin +

Emily and W. Roth Martin

Jennifer and Charles Martin

Melissa Martinelli

Nicola Martinez

Ginger and Pasquale Martire

Mimi Marziani

Jacqueline Mason

Tiffany Massa

Amy and Mark Masterson

Richard Masucci

Drew Matilsky

Martha Matlaw

Julia Emi Matsudaira

Sean-Tamba Matthew

Sarah Matthews *

Chris and J. Stanley Mattison

Elizabeth Maxson

The Maycock Family

Gerald Mayer and Jane Roessler

Krista Mayes

Lisa Mayes

Beth Mazer

Kathie and Paul Mazonson

Shannon and Aengus McAllister

James and Pam McBain

James McCann

Dennis Mccarthy

Kaitlin McCarthy

Lauren McCarthy

Laura McClellan

Emily and T.K. McClintock

Mary McCormack

Michael and Colleen McCormack

Christine and Jeff McCormick

Keith McCullough

Leela and Matt McDonald

Jill McEntee

Brian McGerigle

Michael McGerigle

Alison McGlone

Lisa McGuire

Supervisor Mike and Erika McGuire

Katherine McHugh

Johnpaul and Bethann McIntosh-King

Ryan and Abbi McIntyre

Melissa Mckenzie

Jamie McKinley

McKinstry Company Charitable Foundation

Barbara and Don McLagan

Jean McLaughlin

Julie and Matthew McLaughlin

Kelly McLoughlin

Debra McMahon

Alexander McMullin

Dana McNally

Tom McNeal and Sandra Gruver

Deb and Bob McNeil

Nikkita McPherson *

Kevin McSherry +

Hudson Mead

Susan and Kirtland Mead

Stephen Mead

Kimi Medeiros

Ana Maria Medina Rodriguez *

Medora Snacks LLC

William Meehan III

Richard Meeker

Meredith Mehra

Raj and Sharmi Mehta

Kimberly Mejia *

Larry Melillo and Elizabeth Sheofsky

John and Betsy Mell

Natalie Melo *

Maura Menapace

Salvador Mendoza

Emmett Mercer

Emily Mercy

Mark and Christina Merkelbach

Meghan Messenger

Laurie and Anthony Mestres

Patrick and Amanda Methvin

Jennifer Meyerhardt and David Blaustein

Jane Meyers

Robert and Lauren Meyers

Hoda Mezistrano

Salahuddin Miahjee *

Ellen Michelman

Susan Allen and Neil Middleton

Peter Migliorini

Becky Mikowski

Ingrid Mile *

Tasha Milkman

Mill Valley Market

Ashley Miller

Chip Miller

Craig and Annika Miller

Cynthia Miller

Gabe Miller

Ivy Miller

Jackie Miller

Jennifer Miller

Jessica Miller

Leigh Miller

Ms. Leni Miller and Dr. Bryant Welch

Sarah Miller

Sheila Miller

Sydney Miller

Wayne and Deborah Miller

William Miller

Angela Milligan

Alden and Jennifer Mills

Sharon Mincy

Martha Minow

Matthew Mintz

Seth Miran

Donald Mitchell

Georgia Mitchell *

Heather Mitchell

Wendy and Jim Mnookin

Joe Moeller

Susan Mohun

Michelle Mole

Sarah Molina

Judith and Steven Molinsky

Kathryn Money

Veronica Montagna

Christopher Montclaire

Edwin Monzon

Domonique Moody

Melzetta Moody *

Kevin Moon

Andrew Moore

Breeana Moore *

Courtney Moore

Don and Sarah Moore

Holly Moore

Michael Moore

Pamela Moore

Rachel Moore

Siji Moore

Mallory Mooser

Kiana Moradi

Eamon Moran

Emmie Morgan

Susanna Morgan and Dan Miller

Oraine Morgan-Tonry

Lindsey Moriguchi +

Linda Mornell

Bryan Morrell

Larry and Tina Morris

Anne Morrissey

Caroline Morrissey

Lea and Christopher Morrissey

Kathleen Hirsch and Mark Morrow

Martha Morse

Allen Morton

Hutch Morton

Kathy Morton

Patricia Morton

Polly Morton

Marianne Moser

Mary Lynn Moser

Albie and Vicki Moshcatel

Allison Moskow

Jessica Mosqueda *

Monica Mosqueda *

Simone Moultak

David and Janet Mourning

Mario Moussa and Robin Komita

Jane Mraz

Tyler Mulkeen

Jonathan Mark and B. Katherine Munguia

Daniel Munoz

Anne Murphy

Edward Murphy

Eric Murphy

Gregory Murphy

Katherine Murphy

Kyla and John Murphy

Julie and Don Murray

Luke B. Murumba

Myra and Jake Muscar

Ellen Nadel

Audi Nagi

Pete and Pam Nagy

Theresa Nameck

Nancy G. Brown

Napa Valley Coalition of Non-Profit Agencies

George Nardi

John Narducci

Julian Nash

Larry Naughton

Eduardo Navarro *

Noreen Neal *

Mia Nease

Lewis Levin and Emily Neilson

Tiffany Neira

Betty Nelson

James Nelson

Jennifer and John Nelson

Sarah Nelson

Nancy Neraas

Elizabeth and Michael Nesbitt

Judy and Arnie Ness

Dr. and Mrs. Neuwirth

Leslie Neville

Molly Neville

Arthur Newbold

Brad and Julie Newcomer

Joe and Margaret Newhouse

Sandra and Henry Newman

James and Sarah Newman

Drayson Ngiraingas *

An-Hong Ngo *

Anh Nguyen and Alexander Rawson

David Nguyen *

Mindy Nguyen

Minh-Triet Nguyen *

Nick Nguyen

Thach Nguyen

Van Nguyen *

Mike and Jessica Nichols

Edward Nicoll

Valerie Nieves *

Amy Nightingale

Margaret Niles

Nixon Peabody

Liz Nixon

Thomas Noble

Charles Tatum Nolan

Charlie and Eleanor Nolan

Lori Nomura and Hossein Nowbar

Denise Noonan

Todd Norley

Courtney Norris

Mary Novak

Alan and Bonnie Novich

Angelica Nunez *

Gilbert Nunez *

Christine Nutters *

Carolyn and Jim Nystrom

Margaret and Justin Nyweide

Judy and Arthur Obermayer

Anne and Brian O'Brien

Lorraine Obst

Daniel Obus

Emily Ocon

John O'Connell

Scott O'Connell

Bonny O'Connor

Helen O'Connor

Martin B. O'Connor

Terrie O'Connor

Solomon Odame *

Paul and Christina Odom

Rosalynn O'Guinn

Linda Oh

Charlotte OHalloran

Alexander Oki

Danise Olague

Julie Olden and Brian Kahler

Anthony O'Leary *

Barbara Oliver

Dr. Laurie Olshansky

Chelsea Olson

Florence O'Malley

Peter O'Malley

Jason and Amy Omenn

Margaret Onkey

Melissa Oquendo *

Oracle Matching Gifts Program

Jeanette Origel *

The Honorable Carmen Ortiz

Chevonne Ortiz

Ward and Emily Osgood

Jody Osterweil

Hanna and Greg Ostroff

Patrick O'Sullivan

Crystal Oswald

Dr. Luis Ottley and Carrie Eagles

Soji Otuyelu *

Sarah Ovadia and Rick Cohen

Diana Oviedo *

Daniel B. Owens

Lauren Owens

Sandy and Robert Owens

Carolina Ozuna *

Michael and Monique Page ~

Holly and Mark Pagon

Suzy Pak

Daniel Palmieri

Bob Pan

Grace Pan

Panorama Environmental, Inc.

Rolando Pantoja

Frank Pape

Brian Paquette

Paraskos Interiors

Andrew Paraskos

Jordan Parekh

Jeanne Paris

Ashley Parish

Jane Park and Lawrence Burton Davis

Elizabeth Parker

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Parker

Ann Parry

James Parsons and Julie Schablaske

Kristen Parsons

Jane Parver

Alpa Patel

Unmani Patel

Dr. Rashmee Patil and Stephanie Davis

Marjorie W. Patkin and Randall Patkin, M.D.

Dr. Cassie Martin and Mr. Jay Patrikios

Patrick Patterson

Clifford Pattullo and Marty Denning

Sylvia Pautler

Kendra Pawlik

Rafael Payano *

Robert Pearman

Bobbie Oakley and Roy Pedersen

Sam Peelle

Peet's Coffee & Tea

Eric Pelfrey

Anita Pellegrino

Lisa Pelosi

Lauren Peltzman

Stephanie Pena

Devin Pence

Jonathan Pendleton

David Penndorf

Michael Martin and Anita Penuelas

People's United Bank

Carrie Perez

Judy and Leigh Peritz

Amie Perl and Evan Goldman

Cara and Mike Perla

Mary Perlin

Linda Perlstein and John Miller

Anthony Perrino

David Perry

Robin Perry

Bill Pesonen

Alex Petek *

Steve Petersen

Jaime Peterson

Patricia Peterson

Tim Petrella

Mary Petrie

Frances Petrocelli and Charles Wilson

Ron and Sue Petrocelli

Jenn and Ed Pfeiffer

Pfizer Inc.

PG&E Corporation Campaign For the Community

Timothy Pham *

Hoa Phan and Sidhartha Mathai *

Khanh Phan

Bryce Philips

Kristin Phillip

Katherine Phillips

Lawrence Phillips *

Mark Phillips

Joshua Pickarski

Gayle Pickering

Sharla Pidd +

Drew Piekarski

John Pierpont

Sharon Pierson

Tomas Pieter

Hannah Pileggi

Anne Pillsbury and Jeff Sternitzky

Skye Pillsbury

Marina Pinedo

Piper Jaffrey Gift Matching

Souzi and Misak Pirinjian

Antoine Piron

David Pitluck and Rachel Kort

Josh Piven

Claire Pizarro

Play For Your Cause

Amy and Mark Plevin

Lisa Pliskin

Ben and Sheila Plotkin

Julianne and Kent Plunkett

Maxwell Pohl

Aidan Poile

James and Kelly Polisson

Ben and Carlin Politzer

Peter Politzer and Laura Levine

Bill and Shara Pollie

Marianne Pool

Keith Poole

Erin Pope Garcia

Leigh and Randy Porges

Laura and Raul Portillo

Steven Gottlieb and Marcy Porus-Gottlieb

Deborah Posin

Nancy Rose and James Poterba

Susan Potts

Debbie and Michael Powell

Wendy and Skip Powell

Sarah and Julian Power

Christian Poyant

Elizabeth and Robert Pozen

Tracy and Eric Pozil

Vanessa Prell

Chris Prentice

Jodi Press

Eric Price

Dr. Thomas Price and Katherine Dinh

Paige Prill

Prince Lobel Tye LLP

Princeton Property Partners, LLC

Eli Pristoop

Rodney and Connie Proctor

Linda Pruzan

Rita Pruzan

Alix Pruzansky

D'Genaro Pulido *

Moira Pulitzer-Kennedy

Heather and Tripp Purvis

Rosemary and Robert Putnam

Due Quach ~

Amalia Quesada Nylen *

Brittany Quesnell

Michael Quinn and Mary McNair

Sam Quinn

Susana Quintero

Eunsook Ra

Elyssa Rabinowitz

Lauren Raeburn

Kevin Raesly

Lee Raesly

Cameron Ragen

Sanaa Rahman

Bonnie Raitt

Lini and Dilip Rajagopalan

Preetha Rajamani

Anand and Julie Rajaratnam

Heather and Lee Raker

Jason Ramdat

Alejandra Ramirez

Rogelio Ramirez *

Saul Ramirez

James and Susan Rand

Richard Randall

Karen Raskopf

Jake Ravani

Elaine Rayla

Joseph Reed *

Lindsey Reed +

Steve Reeder

Antoinette and James Reese

Ben Reiber

Michael Reich

Leslie Reichert

Lesley Reidy

Maria Reiling

Christena Reinhard

Ulrika Reinholdsson

Mark Reisbaum

Brad Reisman

Mary Renahan

Djenaba Reynolds *

John M. Reynolds

Alicia Reza and Adam Speert +

Mark and Helen Rice

Grant Rickelman

Greg Ricker

Janice B. Riddel

Rider Weiner & Frankel P.C.

Michael Riedel

Robert and Marilyn Riedel

Michael Rieser

Alissa Riffel

Stefan Riley *

Bethany Ritchey

Peter and Jill Rittmaster

Lilliam Rivera *

The Riverside Company

Lindsey Roark Yee and Alan Yee +

Amado Robancho *

Zach Roberts

Brenna Robertson

Susan and Richard Robie

Carmen Robinson +

Carol Robinson

David G. Robinson

Kate Robinson

Barbara Robnett-Filly and Roy Filly

Matthew Robson

Jillian Rodde

Amber Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Francisco Rodriguez *

Lindsay Rodriguez

Milelvis Rodriguez

Chris Roe

Sherri Rogalski

Kurt Rogers

Mimi Rogers

Katie Rohanna

Fernando A Rojas Jr. *

Jan and Joe Roller

Lori Rolleri

Julie Romano Ethridge

Anton Romash

Jill Romero *

June Ronchetti

Melissa Rosales *

Sharon Rose

William Rose and Merle Monsein

Nicholas Rosenberg

David Rosenfelt

Maxine and Stuart Rosenthal

Andrew Ross

Charlotte Ross

David Ross

Edmund Ross

E. Burke Ross, Jr.

Jane and Sterling Ross

Alvin and Emile Roth

Rothenberg Associates, Inc.

Matthew and Jamie Rothman

Ralph Rotman

Dr. John Rotrosen

Pasjionette Rountree

Cara Rozell

Emily and Eli Rubenstein

Owen Rumelt

Erin Ruppe

Rajwinder Ruprai *

Lisa and Jim Rushworth

Jennifer Rusk

Trevor Russ

Katrina Russek

Antoinette Russell *

Jane and William Russell

Kyle Russell

Ashley Rust

David Rutlen

Jeaninne Ryan

Susan Hubbard Ryan and Russell Ryan

Scott Ryan

Susan Ryan

Trevor Ryan

Rebecca Ryle

Michael F. Sabarese

Zachary Sachen

Elizabeth Sachs

Ravi Sadarangani

Chiem Saeteurn *

Ronnie and Daniel Safar

Ann and Paul Sagan

Andrew Sagor and Kim Sagor

Dara Sahebjani

Hakim Said

Maria Salcedo

Luis Salguero *

Zane Salim

Esther and Edward Salmon

Ruthie and Robert Salter

Isolina Saltman

Drs. Juliet and William Saltman

Karina Saltman +

Katie Samuels

San Francisco Federal Credit Union

Lynn Sanborn and George Cluett

Gisselt Fernandez Sanchez *

Javier Sanchez

David Sanders

Matthew Sanders

Morgan Sanders

Sharon Sanders

Filipe Santos

Monica Sanz

Secondo Sarpieri

Robyn Sater

Lucas Saunders

Nicole Savage

Samantha Savarese

Dr. Julie Saviano

Jabali and Daniela Sawicki *~

Dorothy Saxe

Amanda and Tobias Sayre +

Kathleen Sayre

Juliana Scalise and Brian Royston

Michael Scanlon

Barbara and Bob Scavullo

Mary Scerbo

Erin and Neil Schaefer

Dana Schaffer

Peter and Ilene Schaffer

Vanessa Schatzberg

Bruce Schechner

Kurt Scheidt

Brigitte and Michel Scheinmann

Catherine Schembre

Michon and Van Schenck

Darren Schenkler

Ben Scherman

Meme Scherr

Chloe Schienbein *

Hannah Schlesinger

Amanda Schneider

Amy Schneider +

Robert Schneider

Dr. Lowell and Hester Schnipper

Sydra Schnipper

Melanie Schnuriger

Bill Schoenmaker

Linda Scholz

Katherine Schotz

Alan Schrager

Anne Schreiner

Dale Schroeder

Kait and Abraham Schroeder +

Matthew Schuh

Benjamin Schumacher

Peter and Elizabeth Schumacher

Hilah and Jake Schutt

Stacy and Carl Schwartz

Flori and David Schwartz

Michael Schwartz

Will Schwartz +

Amy Schwartzman

Sue Schwarzgruber

Anthony Schweizer and Gretchen Effgen

Ellen Scolnic

Kevin Scott

Lynne Secatore

Robert and Epuny See

Kim Seely

Stephen and Patricia Segal

Lorin and Jeremy Seidman

Jenny Seither

Michelle Selvar

Alethea Semian

Dolla Seng *

Ishan Sengupta

Sourabh Sengupta

Ian-Hero Serrano *

Daniel Sessoms

Jonathan Setiabrata

Susan and Steven Sewall

Eleanor and Steve Shaer

Jerri and Robert Shaer

Roshan and Janet Shafi

Disha Shah

Dan Shankle

Dianne Shantz

Marni Shapiro

Sally Sharp Lehman and Michael L. Lehman

Zach Sharpe

Tom Sheahan

Hilary Sheehan and Mark Gordon

Patrick Sheehan

Erin Sheehy

Michael Sheerin

Camille Sheffield +

Ruth Sheldon

Margaret Sheridan

Joseph Sherman and Susan Fields

Monika Sheron

Bonnie Shevins

Jessica Shih *

Shikeba Shirzay *

Michelle Shleifer

Jennifer and Brett Sholder

Amy Shriber

Evan Shusterhoff

Cory Shyu

Christy Sicher *

Jessica Sickler *

Lolita and James Sickler

Saad Siddiqui

Susan and James Sidel

Kelly Sidgwick

Zoe Sifrim

Stuart Silk

Elliot Silver

Jeanette Silver

Gordon Silverman

Dennis Simon

Jane and Andy Sinauer

Robin and Murray Sinclaire

Abijeet Singh

Ankit Singh

Ayesha Singh and Thomas Woelfel +

Jordan Singleton *

David Sinkman

Nicole and Kenneth Siskind

Daniel Sivolella and Jacqueline Van Lang

Serena Skala

David Skinner

Susan Skinner

Mike Skoglund

Jeremy and Sarah Skogsbergh

Peter Slaugh and Stephanie Farmer

Bradley and Keri Sliger

Debra and Phillip Sloan

Maria Slowley *

George Slyz

Celia Smalls

Stephanie Smith Stein

Andrea Smith +

Casey Smith

Eric Smith

Griffin Smith

Rachel Smith

Rosemary and Paul Smith *

Scott Smith

Shanee' Smith *

Terri and Leonard Smith

Alice Snell

Sara and George Snider

Sarah Snoddon

Lyle and Andrea Snyder

Jim and Burnley Snyder

Social Venture Partners

Cynthia Solano

Jessica and Mark Somol

Cynthia and Rich Sonstelie

Ted Stachtiaris and Meridith Sopher

Katie Soroye

Larry Sorrel

Matt Sosnow and Sara Trilling

Patrick and Katie Spalding

Ann Spallino

Harold and Kara Speer

Ann and James Spencer

Thomas Speranza and Carol Sulcoski ~

Stephanie Spicer

Steven and Elaine Spinner

Mildred Spriggs

Leslie Springmeyer

Kay Sprinkel Grace

Kathy Sprinkel

Philip Sprinkel

Jacob Sproul

Lindsay T. Squeri

Renton Squires

Deborah St. Pierre

Ashton Stabbert

Hannah Staenberg

Rebecca Stainback

Erica Stakutis

Collin Stanley

Christine Stansfield

Chris Stanton

Robert Starin

Amy Starr

State of Washington Combined Fund Drive

Robert and Amy Stavis

Joanne and Kenneth Steadman

The Stebbins Fund, Inc.

Jonathan Steele

Mary and Cameron Steele

Michael Stegura

Benjamin Stein

Elissa Steinberg

Debby Steiner

Josh and Paige Steinman

Robert Steinman

Paul and Amanda Stephan

Christina Stephens

John Stephens

Monica Stephenson

Tenley Stephenson and John Pimentel

Calvin Sternick

Brisja Sternquist

Ben Stevens +

Caitlin Stevens

Jason Stevens

Jolyon Stevens

Paul Stevens

Keely Stewart

Sarah Stewart

Therese Stewart and Carol Scagnetti

Nancy Stiegler

Leigh Stilwell ^

Jennifer Stomberg

Robert Stone

Donna and Bob Storer

James Story

Christine Stovell

Max Strasburg

Sharon Straus

Peter and Liz Strawbridge

Jean Strella

Shirley and Fred Strickler

Nancy Stronach

Judith and Jon Struss

Brad and Lynanne Struss

Stuart Silk Architects, Limited P.S.

Nancy and Keith Stuart

Lauren Stupek

Esther Su

Carolina Suazo *

Diane and Karl Sudakoff

Kathryn Sullivan

Rebecca Sullivan and Matthew Blessing +

Shannon and Terence Sullivan

Barbara Sulman

Cate and Philip Summers

Superior Stucco Services, Inc.

Jennifer Suspenski

Harry and Louise Sussman

Lisa Suydam

Victoire Swaels and Peter Boldt

Michelle Swager and Dan Sinnreich

Kathy Swartz and Frank Levy

Monica Sweeney

Katherine F. Sweeny

Roselyne Chroman Swig

Thierno Sylla *

Nathalie and Stanley Tabor

Lacey and Ryan Tacher

Madhav Tadikonda

Abigail Taft

Stephanie Tafur +

Megan Takagi

Jane and Peter Talbot

Michael Tam Hill *

Tree Tam

Shan Shan Tan *

Kevin Tang *

Lindsey Tang *

Mark Tannen

George Tarakhovski

Lee Ann Tarling

Drew Tarlow

Nora Tarr

Misty Tascoe

Valeria Tatakamotonga

Rina Tatis *

Nicholas Tatlow

Maya Tatsuno

Martha Taub

Katie Taylor

Alyssa Tecklenburg +

Julianna Teeple

Carina Tejada *

Amee Tejani and Gavin Koo

Laurie Telder

Noah Tennant

Sal Ternullo

James Terrell

Quang Thai

Hang Thao

Chaw Pyai Thar

Kate Tholking

Deloris F. Thomas

Osei Thomas *

Augustus Thompson

Katie and Ian Thompson ~

Mary Thompson

Dave and Nancy Thomsen

Caroline H. Thomson

John and Jana Thorbahn

Brad Thoreson

Aubrey Thrane

Tichnor Family Foundation

Jim and Susan Tighe

Jeff Tilden

Time Out America, LLC

Theodore and Julia Timpson

Janet and Gerard Tirrell

Title Boxing Club

David Tkach

John Tobin

Patrick Tobin

David and Tracy Togut

Rachel Tolano

Sean Tolkin

Janie Tom

Doug Tomlinson

Bailey Tomson

June Tonkin

Angie Tonnon

Neil Toomey

Eda Topur

Cathy Toren

Eloy Torres

Roberto Torres

Sonia Torres +

Rosalind Toulson

Amy Tran

Tommy Tran *

Tony Tran *

Neale and Harriet Trangucci

Patty Tredway

Lelani Tresemer

Colin Trovato

Thien Truong

Jason and Mel Tsang

Wendy Tse

Jocelyn Tseng

Rick Tu

Bryan K. Tublin

Vicci Tucci

Judith Tuck

Michael Tucker

Dan Tuller

Claire Tunick

Andrew and Mindy Turitz

Bri Turkel

Susan and Matthew Turley

Yanique Turner *

Bryan Tutor

Courtney Twardy

Marriane Ugarte *

Scott Ulrich

Lindsey Ungar

Matt Unger

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

United Way of the Wine Country

Megan Upah

Alexa Upper

Garret and Sherry Upper

Gianna Uson

Michele Vaillant

James and Bonnie Van Alen

Edward Van Der Schans

Colin Van Dyke

Leah van Tooren

Natalia Varela *

Tom Varga

Stephen Varraso

David Vasquez *

Ash Vasudeva

Charles Vaughn

Diane Vecchio

Amanda and Matthew Velluto

Kelly and Ken Vercellino

Howard Verlin and Jinous Kazemi

Jane Vernik and Dmitry Zhukovsky

Kai Vernstrom

Japjit Verraich *

Rob and Tamela Vieira

Victor Viros

Amanda J. Voetsch

Jordan Vojta

Jane von Bothmer

Casey Von Drehle

Michelle and David Von Klemperer

Nga Vu

Thy Vu *

George Vuong *

Jeffrey Wade

Sharhea Wade *

Steve Wadsworth

Faedhra Wagnac *

Bradaigh and Thor Wagner

Lisa and Robert Wahbe

Justin Waithe

Charles Waitt

Alexandra Wakeman Rouse

Kim and Alan Waldbaum

Stacy Walder

Mr. and Mrs. Waldman

Christopher and Kristina Waldorf

Elizabeth Walker

James Walker

Jason Walker

Katherine Walker

Mark Walker

Katharine Wallace

Nancy Wallace

Alexis Walsh

Richard Walsh

Katerina Walter

John Walters

Karen Walters

Carol Walton

Dina Wampold

Mike and Anne Wang

Jakia Warren *

Judith and Alvin Warren

Erika Washburn

Sean Wasserman

Jolly and Joseph Waterman

Aimee Waters

Jill Waters

Elaine Watkins

Nancy and John Watkins

Robyn and Bill Watson

Maxx Wattenberg

Andrew Wattula

Courtney Weaver and Simon Frankel

Beth and George Webb

Jeannine Webber

Jay and Merritt Weber

Julie Weed

Camille Weekes

Matthew Weeman

Elizabeth Wegner

Alexis Weil

Janet and Steven Weinberger

Patricia Weinmann

Deborah Weinstein

Joseph and Kathryn Weinstein

Brian Weiss

Earle Weiss

E. Weiss

Mark and Cathy Weiss

Melanie Weiss

Candice Curtis and Carl Weissensee

Allie Welch

Michael and Melissa Welch

Chris Weldon and Shirley Xu

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

John Wensinger

Marjorie and Gregory Went

Drew Wenzel

Jon Werberg

Susan Werner

Katie Wert

Megan West

Stephanie Westbrook

Jeff Westerberg

Lula Wheeler

John Whelan

Brian Whitaker

Aaron White *

John White

Nicole White

Louise and Andy Whittet

Julie Anne and Tanner Wickes

Jean and John Wiecha

Sue and Steve Wilchins

Alan and Georgann Wilensky

Sabrina Wilensky

Danielle Wilfong +

Chris Wilkins

Christopher Wilkinson

James and Joanne Willcox

Barbara Willenborg

Kamali Willett

Briar Williams

Janice Williams

Kaitlyn Williams

Rhys and Rebecca Williams

Nancy and Tom Williams

Chris Williamson

Martha Wills

David Wilson

Jane and James Wilson

Jay Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

Joel Wirchin

Jean Witmer

Bart Witmer

Mark Wittow

Evan Wohl

Thomas Woiteshek

Colleen and Gary Wolf

Nicholas Wolf

Lois and George Wolfe

Ty Wolfe-Jones

Amy and Aaron Wolff

Chris and Lizzie Wolff

Polly and Ward Wolff

Alice Wolftelch

Alexandrew Wong *

Kerry Wong

Monica Wong *

Shirley Wong *

Yammi Wong *

Myron Sugarman and Cynthia Woods

Jeff Woodward

Maggie and Tim Woodward

Christ Woolley

Isa Wooster

H. Taylor and Lindsay Wright

Amy Wu

Jenny Wu

Nicole Wu

April and Bob Wuesthoff

Melina Wyatt

Wynnstay Foundation

Dennis Xie *

Felice and Henry Yager

Ryan Yalowicki

Louise Yamada

Adrianne Yamaki

Janice Yang +

Lourdes Yashar

Padgett Yatabe

Joanna Yates

Albert Yau

Jenny Yee

Aleksey Yefremov *

Gina Yianopoulos

Sarah Yost

Laurie Young Tempest

Christina Young

Elizabeth Young

Kristina and Marshall Younger

Edward Yu *

Eunice Yu *

Sijia Yu

Grace and David Yuan

Nicholas Zabawsky

Doug and Alana Zagha

Stefan Zajic

Jennifer Tracy and Steve Zammit

Marion and Ben Zaniello

Kristin and Timothy Zanni

Kevin Zawaideh

Jill Zeikel

Aaron Zhan *

Jenny Zhang

HuaLing Zhao *

Nick Zhao

Slyuan Zheng

Zealous Zhu

Sarah Zisa

Kim Zukerberg

Raleigh and Michael Zwerin

Charles Zwick

Drew and Kathryn Zwiebel